Georgia House District 8

Matt Gurtler Interview HD 8

Matt Gurtler defeated challenger Kent Weorner in a landslide on July 26. The Second Amendment issue was a BIG deal in this race. GGO sent thousands of letters to voters informing them of Kent Woerner’s anti-gun sentiments; namely that he supported banning 50 cals and opposed a clean “campus carry” bill.

Video: Gun-grabber defeated in Georgia

Last month there was a major show down battle over the Second Amendment in the Georgia House District 8 Republican primary. Georgia Gun Owners member Matt Gurtler filled out his GGO Survey 100% in favor of your right to keep in bear arms.  His opponent, Kent Woerner, filled out his survey in favor of banning 50 cal rifles and in opposition to “campus carry”! In the lead up to this

Gun owners stabbed in the back

How often do you hear a politician say they support the Second Amendment, then turn around and stab you in the back once safely in office? All the time, right? Gun owners have been stabbed in the back far too many times by the politicians for us to simply “trust them.” That’s why our 2016 GGO Candidate Survey program is in full swing — we’re asking every candidate for State