Why The Centers For Disease Control Should Not Receive Gun Research Funding

Why The Centers For Disease Control Should Not Receive Gun Research Funding Among President Obama’s 23 new executive orders purportedly aimed at reducing gun violence, it is one which may appear relatively innocuous that perhaps poses the greatest danger as an assault upon our Second Amendment protections. Referring to this issue as a “public health crisis”, the president is determined to resurrect a previously failed Clinton tactic to build public

Georgia Gun Owners Governor Leadership Pledge

Georgia’s No Compromise Grassroots Gun Lobby Georgia Gun Owners 2018 Gubernatorial Leadership Pledge To Gun Owners across Georgia, As an individual seeking the office of Governor, I pledge that I will uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.  In particular, I pledge to follow in the footsteps of the Founding Fathers of this great nation.  I pledge to be a leader, not merely a follower. I will provide

Secret Service Handgun Raffle

Georgia Gun Owner, GGO is raffling off TWO Sig Sauer P229 Handguns — ONE .357 and ONE .40 S&W (both valued at $1,229) like the ones pictured below! The P229 is the standard issue firearm of the U.S. Secret Service! THERE WILL BE TWO WINNERS — YOU CHOOSE .357 or .40 S&W. Buy at least one raffle ticket and receive EITHER an official GGO “Liberty or Death” t-shirt along with a

Video everyone wants to see

Georgia Gun Owner, Below is a great video of our Armed Forces Day Rifle Raffle firearm — a Daniel Defense DD5V1 Rifle — in action at the range. We’re raffling off a DD5V1 like the one in the video plus 500 rounds of ammunition (valued at $2,946)! Click here or on the video to watch the DD5V1 in action then click here to get your raffle tickets! Winner will be announced on

Help Us Decide Which One

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, This Thursday marks the beginning of GGO’s 2017 Armed Forces Day Rifle Raffle! We need your help in selecting which firearm to raffle off. We’ve zeroed in on four unique Daniel Defense rifles (plus 500 rounds of ammunition – total value approximately $2,000) . . . Check out the options below (make sure your images are turned on). Then reply to this email with your preferred

Oink Oink at the Capitol

Dear Georgia Gun Owner,  Last night at the Capitol in Atlanta, the politicians and the establishment gun lobby delivered you “Lipstick On A Pig”.  Behind closed doors, with no one looking, they cut a deal to water down so-called “campus carry” legislation even worse than it was before. So watered down that the bill got 10 less votes in the House than the original bill did last time. Many Republicans

Video Update: Dirty Dealings at the Capitol

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, Just two days left in this year’s meeting of the Georgia General Assembly. GGO Executive Director Patrick Parsons has all the behind-the-scenes details about what’s really going on at the Capitol in Atlanta. Lt. Governor Casey Cagle and the establishment gun lobby are doing everything in their power to cut a very dirty deal. Click here to watch the video, then forward on to your political

We saw him!

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, It’s always encouraging to see one of our great Georgia Gun Owners members supporting our efforts at the Capitol in Atlanta. Today, GGO member Larry from Ellijay (pictured below) stopped in to see lead Constitutional Carry (HB 156) sponsor, State Rep. Matt Gurtler, to thank him for pushing this issue in Georgia. I can tell you that the phones are ringing off the hook in support

Constitutional Carry Introduced - Take Action!

Dear Patrick, Constitutional Carry legislation has been introduced! State Rep. Matt Gurtler is the lead sponsor of HB 156 — cosponsors include Reps. Micah Gravley (R-67), Michael Caldwell (R-20), John Pezold (R-133), Jason Ridley (R-6), and Emory Dunahoo (R-30). If you don’t see your State Representative on that list, ask them to support it! I spoke with Rep. Gurtler about the bill yesterday just moments after he dropped it in