2nd Amendment in the News

Ossoff goes DOWN!

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, If it walks like a gun-grabber and talks like a gun-grabber, it must be a gun-grabber!  For months, Jon Ossoff did everything he could to hide his anti-gun beliefs. He used left-wing catch phrases like “gun safety” and “responsible gun laws” to dodge the issue. The problem for Ossoff was that his donors, his supporters, and left-wingers he worked with for years all HATE your Second

Somebody has to say it

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, By now you’ve heard about the left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter who attempted to kill Republican members of Congress this morning. As usual, the gun-grabbers took just minutes to litter social media outlets and Fake News networks with calls for gun control. Standing just a few hundred feet from the crime scene, anti-gun Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe strode to the microphone to spout anti-gun talking points (click

Ossoff: Bought and Paid for by Hollywood Liberals

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, Until she made headlines over the last 24 hours, most had no idea anti-gun Kathy Griffin was one of liberal Jon Ossoff’s top Hollywood supporters. Our staff here at GGO put together this short Griffin-Ossoff video for you to pass around to family and friends. To help this video go viral and to reach as many Second Amendment supporters as possible, please do three things: 1.

Armed Forces Day Rifle Raffle!

Georgia Gun Owner, The Georgia Gun Owners Armed Forces Day Rifle Raffle is starting right now! We’re raffling off a Daniel Defense DD5V1 Rifle like the one pictured below plus 500 rounds of ammunition (valued at $2,946)! Buy at least one raffle ticket and also receive a GGO “Liberty or Death” t-shirt in the mail along with a GGO bumper sticker! Raffle ends on Armed Forces Day, May 20.  Raffle

A bunch of turkeys

Dear Patrick, While the turkeys at the State Capitol scheme to cut a dirty deal over your Second Amendment rights, this weekend was the opening of Turkey Season in Georgia. Check out these pictures GGO members sent in from across the state . . . Be ready to take action in defense of your Second Amendment rights this week! Tuesday and Thursday are the last two days of this legislative

HB 156 - Breaking News

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, The Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2017 (HB 156) was assigned to the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee. Please call as many of the Republican members of the committee below and ask them to support the legislation. Be polite, but firm.  Leave a message if they are not available. Ask them to: “Please cosponsor and publicly support HB 156, the Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of

Take Action for Con Cary -- Contact Your Representative

Dear Patrick, I told you last week that HB 156, the Georgia Constitutional Carry Act of 2017, was introduced in the Georgia State House. Initial supporters of the legislation include Reps. Michael Caldwell, Dunahoo, Gravley, Gurtler, Pezold, and Ridley. If you do not see your State Representative on that list, please click below on the image where I have listed your State Rep’s phone number and email address in an excel

What is Constitutional Carry?

Dear Patrick, “I keep hearing about Constitutional Carry – exactly what is it, and how does it restore our Second Amendment Rights?” We get questions like that literally every day from folks, whether they just signed up for our emails, just bought their first firearm or whether they just followed us on our Facebook page. That’s why I thought I’d take a moment here to explain what Constitutional Carry is

Gun confiscation bill introduced in Georgia

Anti-gun witch Mary Margaret Oliver knew you wouldn’t be paying attention during the Thanksgiving holiday. That’s why she pre-filed her so-called “Assault Weapons Ban” bill (H.B. 10) the day before Thanksgiving! Hoping she could do so without a ruckus, she forgot that Georgia Gun Owners publicly exposed her and her anti-gun cronies at the Capitol within minutes of the bill’s introduction this past January. That’s why I’m at the Capitol