State Legislation

Video: Brian Kemp Snubs Gun Owners

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, Georgia Gun Owners practices what’s called “confrontational politics”. We go directly to candidates and elected officials — many times with a camera rolling — asking them direct questions about our Second Amendment rights. We do this on your behalf, so you can make educated choices about who to support for public office. One year ago this month, I asked Republican candidate for Governor, Brian Kemp, if

Georgia Gun Owners Governor Candidate Survey

2018 Georgia Gun Owners Candidate Survey If elected governor, would you sign into law legislation to implement no-permit necessary, “Constitutional Carry,” which would allow law-abiding citizens to carry firearms open or concealed for self-defense, without a government-issued permit or training card? Yes   ____           No  ____ If elected, would you sign into law a bill to render unconstitutional federal gun controls unenforceable in the state of Georgia, with strong enforcement provisions,

Georgia Gun Owners Governor Leadership Pledge

Georgia’s No Compromise Grassroots Gun Lobby Georgia Gun Owners 2018 Gubernatorial Leadership Pledge To Gun Owners across Georgia, As an individual seeking the office of Governor, I pledge that I will uphold the Constitution of the United States of America.  In particular, I pledge to follow in the footsteps of the Founding Fathers of this great nation.  I pledge to be a leader, not merely a follower. I will provide

Video: Hunter Hill Supports Gun Control

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, Exposing politicians who support gun control is what we do here at Georgia Gun Owners. Most troubling is when politicians say one thing on the campaign trail, then say another when they think no one is watching. Republican governor candidate, Hunter Hill, says he’s all for the Second Amendment — but we’ve captured him on video saying he supports gun control. In other words, he tells

Video: Abrams Calls for Gun Ban

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It Starts Today, March 19

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, This morning I dropped nearly 500 envelopes in the mail at the Post Office. Inside those envelopes contain our 2018 Georgia Gun Owners Candidate Survey. Our Candidate Survey asks hard-hitting Second Amendment questions we expect every candidate who filed to run for Governor, Lt. Governor and the General Assembly to answer. The most hotly contested race here in Georgia in 2018 is the race for Governor.

This is a picture of them

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, Elected gun-grabbers at the Capitol in Atlanta walked out of the House and Senate chambers this morning, banging the drums for gun control. Here’s a picture: Many — if not all — have sponsored, cosponsored, or publicly supported the most draconian gun control laws this state (and country) has ever seen. They don’t have the votes for these gun grabs at this moment, but if they ever

She's Like Hillary Clinton, But Worse

This week (March 5-9), candidates file paperwork to run for state office in Georgia. Yesterday, the most radical, left-wing gun-grabber in Georgia history, Stacey Abrams, filed to run for Governor in Georgia. She IS the likely Democrat nominee for Governor in our state. While serving as a member of the General Assembly, Abrams dutifully signed on to anti-gun witch Mary Margaret Oliver’s “assault weapons” ban and many other gun controls year after year. Make no mistake about it, Abrams’ “end-game”

Victory! GGO Members Stop HB 541

Long days, late nights, and LOTS of grassroots activism. That’s what it took to STOP House Bill 541 at the Capitol in Atlanta today! Thanks to the pressure applied by your calls and emails, House Bill 541 was pulled back in Alan Powell’s Public Safety Committee. And boy oh boy, Alan Powell was FURIOUS! On the way into the committee room, Powell moaned and complained to me about all the

Alan Powell Schedules Gun Control Bill!

State Rep. Alan Powell has just scheduled a hearing tomorrow (February 27, 2018)  at 10 AM on Soros / Bloomberg’s top legislative priority, House Bill 541. Please take action via email below after you read what I’ve written for you about the bill. For weeks, Powell has worked behind the scenes to BURY Constitutional Carry, but now at the last second, he’s working to deliver on a silver platter the top wish