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About Us

Georgia Gun Owners (GGO) is Georgia’s only No-Compromise gun rights organization.

We were formed in November 2010 to get the government in Georgia OUT of the gun business.

Our signature piece of legislation, “Constitutional Carry,” is a simple idea that stems from the Second Amendment. Mirroring the laws in states like Alaska, Arizona, Missouri, West Virginia, Arkansas, Kansas, Idaho, Mississippi, Maine and Vermont, Constitutional Carry would allow any law-abiding Georgian the right to carry a gun for any reason except the commission of a crime – WITHOUT needing government permission.  Of course our legislation still allowed for a permit for reciprocity purposes.

Since our founding, we’ve pushed back and defeated The GAG Act, legislation that would restrict freedom of speech of Georgians by forcing organizations like GGO to turn over the names and addresses of our members and supporters (something we will never do).

Over the years, we’ve pushed back mightily and defeated a so-called “assault weapons ban” (Oliver Gun Ban), as well as mobilized hundreds of thousands of Second Amendment supporters in our state to call, email, personally talk to their legislators insisting they pass pro-Second Amendment legislation in our state.  And we exposed a nasty compromise piece of legislation that would force new government mandates on gun owners in our state.

GGO mobilizes our members and supporters across the state to create a political environment at the Capitol where legislators must act or they will be held accountable by their constituents during election season.

Georgia Gun Owners is there to sound the alarm and hold legislators to account. Using mail, email and media outlets we inform Georgians all over the state that their gun rights are being sold out by those who promised to champion them.

That’s what No-Compromise means. We exist to fight for gun rights. We do not patronize a political party. We do not cut backroom deals. We don’t take the bribes so often offered to grassroots organizations.  We do not assume to have the authority to bargain away some of your rights in exchange for securing others. We will never back down.

Come join the fastest growing gun rights organization in Georgia. As a true grassroots movement we are comprised of farmers, doctors, mechanics, teachers, hunters, military personnel, and retirees. These are the people that we report to.

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