Gun owners stabbed in the back

How often do you hear a politician say they support the Second Amendment, then turn around and stab you in the back once safely in office?

All the time, right?

Gun owners have been stabbed in the back far too many times by the politicians for us to simply “trust them.”

That’s why our 2016 GGO Candidate Survey program is in full swing — we’re asking every candidate for State House and Senate in Georgia where they stand on key Second Amendment issues.

This year we’ve sent each candidate a survey with nine specific Second Amendment questions.

This way, we can get them on the record and use the survey to hold them accountable once they are in office or running for election (right now).

Once the survey deadline (May 2nd) has passed, we’ll report the results of the survey to Second Amendment supporters across the state.

Surveys are already being returned by candidates . . . but I need to make sure you get in touch with candidates in your area and insist they return their survey at once.

Some candidates like Republican Matt Gurtler in House District 8 enthusiastically return their survey.  He even posted a picture of it on Facebook (see below).


But some candidates just flat out refuse to return it.  History and experience tells us those who refuse to go on the record are the ones most likely to stab gun owners in the back whenever they need to.

That’s why it’s vital you crank up the heat on them at once.

If you’d like the contact info for candidates running in your area, please let me know and I’ll look it up for you.

Gun-grabbers (and there are many) abound at the Capitol.

We need less of them, not more.

Thank you for all that you do!

For freedom,
Patrick Parsons

Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

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