The 2022 Legislative Session is Underway: Take Action!

The 2022 session of the Georgia General Assembly has officially kicked off here in Atlanta, and with this being an election year, EVERYTHING IS ON THE LINE!

As always, Georgia Gun Owners will be fighting like hell this year to defend and expand your Right to Keep and Bear Arms in the legislature — and giving you action alerts so that you can help us FIGHT too!

This year there are TWO MAJOR ISSUES that will be affecting your gun rights.

First, we need to immediately put pressure on our state legislators to pass Constitutional Carry! With 5 other states making Constitutional Carry law in 2021, it’s time to make Georgia the 22nd, as well as the first state in 2022!

You’re going to hear much more from us in the days ahead, but your relentless calls, emails, and petitions have had their effect and are making Constitutional Carry the primary focus of opening day!

Now is the time to HAMMER DOWN and get it passed!!


But we also need to protect Georgia from the threats against our gun rights coming out of D.C., be it federal gun control bills or Joe Biden’s Executive Orders (the first 2 EO’s being set to take effect in early February.)

We can get that done in Georgia by passing the beautiful Second Amendment Preservation Act! 

You see, SAPA law would require Georgia police officers to only enforce Georgia’s laws where it concerns our firearms, ammunition, and accessories. This would mean that federal gun control and Executive Orders would go largely unenforced here in the state of Georgia as Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi do not have the manpower to enforce their own tyranny against us.

GGO is already working with Representative Philip Singleton to advance this legislation and I hope you’ll email your legislators today and urge them to cosponsor this fabulous bill!


The Georgia legislature is at a crossroads right now.

They have elections coming up this fall, and they know that gun owners are watching very closely to see who will stand for the Second Amendment and who will cave to the Left and their liberal media pressure.

Whatever happens, gun owners will go armed with this information to the polls this November.

For the moderates riding the fence, their strategy is always to water down and weaken bills to try and gain cover from both sides.

But we’re not buying it!

If we pour on the pressure, we can force the legislature to pass Constitutional Carry, as well as advance SAPA. In doing so, we will be sending a message to the legislature and the media that freedom is alive and well here in Georgia!

Please help us do that, by sending the two PRE-WRITTEN EMAILS above and then making a donation to help Georgia Gun Owners fight for you in Atlanta this year!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. The 2022 session of the Georgia General Assembly kicked off here in Atlanta and there are major fights already underway that will impact gun owners!

Please help us fight to pass Constitutional Carry by sending your legislators this pre-written email.

But I hope you’ll also help us protect Georgia from Joe Biden’s Executive Orders as well as Pelosi’s federal gun control by sending your politicians a pre-written email, telling them to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act, too!

Send your email HERE!

Then make a donation to Georgia Gun Owners, so that we can fight like hell for you in Atlanta!

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