Tell the Politicians in Atlanta to PASS the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

Joe Biden and the radical left have declared war on the Second Amendment and hope to take a sledgehammer to our freedoms over the next four years!

They want to ban, confiscate and destroy our guns because they want to turn this beautiful nation into a socialist nightmare, and proud gun owners are standing in their way.

That’s why the politicians in Atlanta need to cosponsor and pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) by Representative Philip Singleton!

This legislation (H.B. 597) would nullify federal gun control by requiring Georgia peace officers to only enforce laws passed by the Georgia legislature where our gun rights are concerned, and it would prevent federal government from commandeering state and local resources to enforce federal gun control laws!

This SAPA legislation has real teeth.

Should Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, for example, ignore Georgia’s SAPA law and force local officials to confiscate firearms from gun owners in Atlanta, individual gun owners could take those involved to civil court for an immediate remedy.

The Georgia legislature hasn’t passed a gun bill since forever, and with Joe Biden in the White House, passing SAPA is the highest priority this year!

Please click and send a pre-written email to your state representative right now and insist that they publicly support this law right away!

And when you are finished, please make a generous contribution to Georgia Gun Owners to help us crank up the HEAT in Atlanta before it is too late!