Pass Constitutional Carry Now!

Twenty-one states have Constitutional Carry law on the books (almost half of the country) which allows law abiding gun owners to carry a firearm without adding their names to a government database or be tracked like a criminal.

Here in Georgia, Brian Kemp and Speaker Ralston have been killing Constitutional Carry for years. But with Brian Kemp in a major primary with David Purdue, 2022 will be the best chance we’ve had in years to finally finish this fight!

Kemp and the politicians in Atlanta have been farming gun owners for votes for years, while delivering nothing. And anti-gun politicians in Atlanta have been growing bolder by the day.

The best way to tell Stacey Abrams, Michael Bloomberg, and his allies here in the legislature that Georgia is off limits to their insane gun control agenda, is by passing Constitutional Carry in 2022! But it’s going to be a big fight.

So please send this PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to your State Senator and State Representative using our automated system and insist that they finish the fight for Constitutional Carry in 2022, just like twenty-one other states have already done!

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of Georgia Gun Owners so that we can keep fighting for you in Atlanta and in D.C.! You can get involved at!