February 27, 2017

Prescription for Georgia

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, As a passionate defender of our individual right to keep and bear arms, I’m watching closely as Georgia Gun Owners fights tooth-and-nail for Constitutional Carry in Georgia. But I’m not just a supporter of Georgia Gun Owners, I’m a Life Member, as well. The Second Amendment is the foundation and guarantor of every other right — all of our God-given rights that are recognized by our Constitution.

Don't let Powell and Clark Kill It

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, Friday of this week is “Crossover,” the day in which legislation has to pass from the House or the Senate to be heard in the other legislative body. Right now, Chairman Alan Powell and Subcommittee 2A Chairman Heath Clark are stonewalling gun owners — doing everything in their power to stop Constitutional Carry from being voted on. Instead of allowing an up-or-down vote (which they could call