Prescription for Georgia

Dear Georgia Gun Owner,

As a passionate defender of our individual right to keep and bear arms, I’m watching closely as Georgia Gun Owners fights tooth-and-nail for Constitutional Carry in Georgia.

But I’m not just a supporter of Georgia Gun Owners, I’m a Life Member, as well.

The Second Amendment is the foundation and guarantor of every other right — all of our God-given rights that are recognized by our Constitution.

I believe now more than ever that Georgia needs to become a Constitutional Carry state.

You and I shouldn’t be forced to pay the government a tax, submit to intrusive government checks, or be fingerprinted just to exercise our Second Amendment rights.

That’s why I’m urging you to click here and sign your Petition to Pass Constitutional Carry in Georgia, if you’ve yet to do so.

On this issue, there is no room for compromise.

The Second Amendment is fundamental to individual liberty.

It’s what allows individuals to defend themselves from criminals and also from the potential from government oppression and tyranny.

As long as we have to pay the government in Georgia in order to exercise our rights, the Second Amendment will be a privilege, not a right.

Join with me in fighting with Georgia Gun Owners for Constitutional Carry in Georgia. 

Please sign your Constitutional Carry Petition today!


Dr. Paul C. Broun
Former Georgia Congressman