Don’t let Powell and Clark Kill It

Dear Georgia Gun Owner,

Friday of this week is “Crossover,” the day in which legislation has to pass from the House or the Senate to be heard in the other legislative body.

Right now, Chairman Alan Powell and Subcommittee 2A Chairman Heath Clark are stonewalling gun owners — doing everything in their power to stop Constitutional Carry from being voted on.

Instead of allowing an up-or-down vote (which they could call for in mere seconds) on Constitutional Carry, they’re trying to buy gun owners off with weak, compromised Second Amendment legislation in order to protect themselves.

What’s worse, the establishment gun lobby is taking their marching orders from Powell and Clark, providing political cover by refusing to mention that they’re working to kill Constitutional Carry.

Don’t let them get away with it.

Keep up the heat on Powell and Clark . . .

Email | Call both Clark and Powell.

Let them know that with time running out in this legislative session, you want an up or down vote on Constitutional Carry.

Email Heath Clark > [email protected]
Call Heath Clark > 404-657-1803
Call Heath Clark > 478-954-2214
Call Heath Clark > 478-227-2320

Email Alan Powell > [email protected]
Call Alan Powell > 706-206-6500
Call Alan Powell > 706.206.6500

After you’ve done that, please sign your Petition to Pass Constitutional Carry in Georgia, or forward this email to a friend, asking them to get involved in the fight as well.!

We’ll deliver it for you at the Capitol!

Thank you — in advance — for taking action!

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

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