What Happened Today on Constitutional Carry?

GGO’s phone line, email, and social media platforms are getting jammed up with gun owners wanting to know what happened today on Constitutional Carry legislation.

The short version: a lot!

We saw committees in the House and Senate take up Constitutional Carry, both ran amendments, and both bills now need to be approved by their respective chambers’ Rules Committees.

There’s a lot going on. So to give you the very latest on these two bills, where we are in the process, and the information you need to help us finish this fight, watch our video report here!

As you just heard, we are making TREMENDOUS PROGRESS thanks to the aggressive grassroots pressure of the members of Georgia Gun Owners — but we can’t let up — we need to be RELENTLESS until the end!

So please take 2 minutes to send off the TWO PRE-WRITTEN EMAILS that we have prepared for you, right now. One goes to the Senate committee, and one goes to the House. Just hit the red button below and hit send; it’s an automatic process.



We are closer than ever before to finishing this fight and restoring Second Amendment freedom to over 10,000,000 Georgians. But we are not done yet. So don’t let up for a second!

And after you send off your emails, please make a quick donation to Georgia Gun Owners so that we have the resources we need to finish this fight.

Make your donation here!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners