Tell the Senate Rules Committee to Pass HB-1358!

Senate Judiciary Chairman Brian Strickland stepped up to the plate and amended the House’s weaker version of Constitutional Carry with a committee amendment today, meaning that House Bill 1358 is now the best version of Constitutional Carry!

But before this bill can receive a FINAL VOTE on the Senate floor, the Senate Rules Committee needs to take up this bill. But Chairman Jeff Mullis has made it clear that he intends to slow roll this bill, like he did earlier this year.

Don’t let Mullis get away with it!

Constitutional Carry simply says that law abiding gun owners can carry a firearm for any lawful reason here in Georgia without needing approval from the government, and without having to be placed into a government database. What’s more, it’s already law in 24 other states.

But time is running out on this legislative session, and if the Rules Committee delays on this bill, we may have to start this fight all over again next year! So please email the members of the Rules Committee today, and tell them to move House Bill 1358!

Once you’ve done that, take the next step and become a member of Georgia Gun Owners so that we can keep fighting for you in Atlanta! Get involved at!