ICYMI: Republican Senator Attacks GGO Members!

As you know, Senator Jeff Mullis chairs the Committee that Constitutional Carry is currently stuck in…he’s the one keeping HB-1358 from coming up on the floor for a final vote.

And when Georgia Gun Owners asked our members (especially those in his district) to contact Mullis and tell him to stop blocking this badly needed legislation, Mullis lost it!

All day long we’ve been receiving screen shots from gun owners who have been cursed at, yelled at, and harassed from this lowly State Senator who forgot that he WORKS FOR THE PEOPLE!

Please watch our special video report with the latest on the ‘Mullis Meltdown’ and how you can help us crank up the heat even further!

Jeff Mullis has been an enemy to Constitutional Carry for years. He thought he was going to finish 20+ years of screwing over gun owners as a State Senator walking the halls of the legislature in all his pomp and glory this last week of Session.

Instead, thanks to the relentless pressure of GGO nation — Mullis is being politically tarred and feathered right now — with HUNDREDS of people blowing up his Facebook page!

But he’s also clearly not getting the message. The Rules Committee met again today and Mullis again refused to move HB-1358 through for floor action!

So contact Jeff Mullis now! Keep pouring on the pressure, telling Jeff Mullis to get to work for gun owners and pass HB-1358 for a final floor vote!

<<< Text Jeff Mullis here: 423-421-8175 >>>
<<< Call Mullis’ office here: 404-656-0057 >>>
Leave a comment on Mullis’ Facebook Page. >>>
Send Mullis an email using our automated system. >>>

We are in the final countdown of the 2022 legislative session. Pound on Mullis! Be relentless! Don’t give up!


For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. RINO Jeff Mullis is stalling on Constitutional Carry, and when Georgia Gun Owners members contacted him today, telling him to move H.B. 1358 through committee — Mullis had a complete meltdown!

Watch our video report here, and then follow the links above and contact Mullis yourself! Tell him to stop stalling and get to work!

It’s go time — there’s just 6 days left — call now!