Help Us Pour on the Heat for Constitutional Carry!

After fighting for over a decade to pass Constitutional Carry here in Atlanta, we are closer than ever before to finishing this fight and making Georgia the 22nd Constitutional Carry state!

In the State Senate, GGO’s Constitutional Carry legislation (S.B. 319) has 30 total sponsors and co-sponsors! And to be clear, we only need 29 votes to pass legislation in the Senate.

Over in the House, there are three different Constitutional Carry bills that are all gaining new cosponsors every day.

And just days before the 2022 General Assembly kicked off, Governor Kemp held a press conference announcing that his top agenda this session is passage of Constitutional Carry — no doubt because of the primary he is facing from David Purdue.

Any way you look at it, support for Constitutional Carry is surging here in Atlanta as the members of Georgia Gun Owners are flooding the legislature with calls and emails demanding the same freedoms that gun owners in twenty-one other states enjoy!

But all of this progress could come to a grinding halt if Speaker of the House David Ralston has his way and kills the bill like he’s done so many times in the past.

 That’s why I hope that you will immediately sign the petitions that we have prepared for you. As you’ll see, this petition calls on David Ralston to move Constitutional Carry through the House, while also telling Senate President Geoff Duncan to do the same thing in the Senate!


As you already know, Constitutional Carry is very simple.

It simply states that if you are legally allowed to own a firearm, you could legally carry that firearm for self-defense without having to pay a fee for that right — and without having to be tracked, traced, and registered like a sex offender!

Of course, the media and anti-gun lawmakers in Atlanta have been lying about the impact of this bill for years, giving anti-gun moderates in the legislature (and Brian Kemp) the political cover they needed to kill this bill for years.

No, Constitutional Carry does not mean that criminals can own firearms. Stopping violent criminals from harming our loved ones is why we carry firearms in the first place.

And no, passing Constitutional Carry does not mean that the current ‘Shall Issue’ system would be eliminated. Nothing about the current law would change, except that it would be optional!

Nor would passage of Constitutional Carry lead to a spike in violent crime. On the contrary, every single state that passed this legislation over the last ten years saw their murder rates decline almost immediately!

But this fight isn’t about policy, anymore.

Everyone knows the truth about Constitutional Carry and why we need it here in Georgia. That’s settled. This is now strictly a political calculation on the part of Brian Kemp and the moderates in the legislature.

If they think that gun owners will give them a pass after killing Constitutional Carry yet again, this bill is dead. But if they realize that gun owners are FIRED UP and will hold them accountable in the May primaries, this bill will pass.

If you agree, sign your petition IMMEDIATELY! 


So, gun owners need to get aggressive! It’s the only tactic that works! Just consider a few examples from last year.

In Iowa, after fighting for years, the members of Iowa Gun Owners finally passed Constitutional Carry in 2021 after a KNOCK-DOWN, DRAG-OUT FIGHT with the Republican House Majority Leader who had been locking the bill down for several years!

In Missouri, the members of the Missouri Firearms Coalition were able to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act in the last day of session because they WENT TO WAR with Republican Senate leaders who were blocking the bill.

In Ohio, the members of Ohio Gun Owners FORCED Republican sell-out Governor Mike DeWine to sign Stand-Your-Ground law (while he was actively trying to pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’) by hammering him with hundreds of thousands of calls, emails, and petitions!

Clearly, grassroots pressure is the secret sauce in passing pro-gun bills. And that’s why Georgia Gun Owners is readying a three-part battle plan that will bring the pressure in Atlanta to a BOILING POINT over Constitutional Carry! 

We are doing that through a combination of:

 1. The hardest hitting digital and social media ads that we can possibly produce, putting specific pressure on specific politicians in specific districts across the state!

These digital ads are incredibly effective and allow us to reach massive numbers of gun owners at the lowest possible price. Stacy Abrams learned this the hard way, when GGO exposed her hatred for gun owners when she ran for office.

2. Increasing the size of our email and direct mail programs to mobilize every gun owner in the state, making it easy for them to send emails directly to Governor Kemp and the legislature.

While it may seem ‘old fashioned,’ ‘Big Tech’ can’t censor these programs. GGO wants to double the number of people we are communicating with via email as this fight heats up.

3. Preparing targeted radio and TV ad campaigns that we can roll out the moment that floor votes are announced; it’s not cheap, but nothing activates large numbers of gun owners quicker than a BIG radio and TV advertising blitz.

Politicians HATE being called out on radio and TV. And the number of times that I’ve seen a politician change their mind on a gun bill within hours of a radio/TV ad campaign commencing in their district grows every year!

This program is designed to send a very simple message to Brian Kemp and the politicians in Atlanta: either you pass Constitutional Carry before session adjourns this year — or gun owners will find real leaders who will!

The time for being nice and hoping that these moderates will fight for us has long passed.


Gun owners are the reason why Brian Kemp is in office today; gun owners are the reason why the House didn’t flip last fall, and gun owners are the reason why every single gun control bill has been stopped here in Georgia for the last decade.

Gun owners have done their job; now it’s time that Brian Kemp and the self-described ‘pro-gun politicians’ in Atlanta do their jobs and pass Constitutional Carry law for Georgia!

So please sign petition, demanding that David Ralston and Geoff Duncan do their jobs and put this legislation on the floor for a vote in the House and Senate!

But when you do, I hope that you will make a generous donation to help Georgia Gun Owners implement the massive program that we outlined above, by including a gift of $75 or even $100.   

Very powerful forces are trying to stop us from passing this bill this year, and they are all funded from out of state billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and others!

Georgia Gun Owners is exclusively funded by Georgians who care about our Second Amendment freedoms and making sure that those freedoms are preserved for the next generation.

If that still describes you, then please continue to stand with us by making a donation today. If $75 or $100 is just too much, I hope that you’ll consider $50, $25 or whatever you can afford today!   

Passing Constitutional Carry will remind everyone that Georgia stands for freedom, and that Georgians will not sit quietly while Joe Biden and Stacey Abrams try to destroy it!

So please rush me your signed petitions, along with whatever donation you can afford, right away!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. Support for Constitutional Carry is surging in Atlanta! Brian Kemp, feeling the pressure from gun owners before his primary, has promised (again) to sign Constitutional Carry into law while 29 Senators have cosponsored GGO’s bill in the Senate!

But corrupt Speaker of the House David Ralston is refusing to move this legislation in the House! That’s why I hope you’ll sign the petition that we have prepared for you demanding action on Constitutional Carry before adjournment!


GGO is preparing a massive program to crank up the heat on Brian Kemp and the sell-out RINO’s in Atlanta.

So when you finish signing your petition, please make a generous donation of $75, $50, $25, or at least $25 so that we can FINISH THIS FIGHT!

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