Make Georgia the Next Constitutional Carry State!

Whereas: Constitutional Carry would restore the right of every Georgian to carry a firearm to protect themselves without begging government permission or adding their name to a government database; and

Whereas: Five more Republican legislatures passed Constitutional Carry into law in 2021, making it the law in twenty-one states, and it’s currently on the move in Ohio, Indiana, and Alabama; and

Whereas: Despite this, Georgians are still tracked, traced and registered in a state database like sex offenders because the legislature keeps blocking Constitutional Carry law; and

Whereas: the May primaries are right around the corner, and before your caucus asks gun owners for help with their re-election campaigns, you had better pass Constitutional Carry into law this session!  

Therefore: As Leadership in the General Assembly, I will be holding you responsible for the outcome of this fight. Georgians have waited long enough! Get this done!