July 2018

Stacey Abrams: Her Official Anti-Gun Record (Read It)

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, When you think of Stacey Abrams, think of these three words: Ban.  Confiscate.  Destroy. If she gets her way, that’s exactly what she says she wants to do to your firearms, ammunition, and magazines. I’ve laid out for you below the Official Stacey Abrams Gun-Grabbing Record.  Please click on each story and get very familiar. Even more importantly, please make a point to FORWARD this link to

Stacey Abrams: Ban Ammo Magazines Over Ten Rounds

Ever since Georgia Gun Owners lifted the lid on, and exposed Stacey Abrams’ sponsorship of HB 731, gun owners across Georgia have perked up at attention. As we laid out months ago (and fought years ago) here, Abrams’ HB 731 would ban virtually all semi-auto firearms, types of magazines, and types of ammunition in Georgia, then most importantly, instruct the Georgia Bureau of Investigation to “seize” and “destroy” them. Ban.

GGO Members Kick Anti-Gun Casey Cagle to the Curb

KEEP UP THE FIGHT AGAINST THE STACEY ABRAMS GUN CONTROL AGENDA! Dear Georgia Gun Owner, First, Casey Cagle ignored the members and supporters of Georgia Gun Owners. Your calls, emails, texts, and Facebook messages went unanswered. Then he said he was opposed to “Constitutional Carry”, only to flip flop days later under withering grassroots heat from GGO. When you asked him to review, fill out, and return his Georgia Gun Owners Candidate

BLOWOUT: Casey Cagle Goes Down in Flames to Brian Kemp

Polls closed less than two hours ago, but the writing is already on the wall . . . NRA-endorsed Casey Cagle is going down in flames in a massive blowout tonight in Georgia. Not only did Cagle ignore the members and supporters of Georgia Gun Owners.  He and his staff ridiculed you. Then he said he was against “Constitutional Carry”, only to change his mind a few days later after

Can You Ever Really Trust A Politician?

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, The answer to that question is always, “NO”. Even when politicians “give you their word” and promise that they’re the second coming of George Washington, still they cannot be trusted. That’s why the Georgia Gun Owners Candidate Survey program is so important. By getting candidates on the record on important Second Amendment issues, even if they go back on their word, we have the survey to

George Soros Cuts Another $1 Million Check To . . .

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, Recently, anti-gun billionaire Michael Bloomberg announced he would spend $80 million in 2018 — much of it earmarked for Georgia — to install anti-gunners into office across the country. Last week, left-wing billionaire George Soros doubled down, announcing he’d cut ANOTHER $1 million check — to the Georgia Democrat Party. In total, Soros has forked over more than $3 million (that we know of) in Georgia since

Casey Cagle Lying About Constitutional Carry

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, Casey Cagle has gone too far, this time taking credit on the campaign trail for something he never did. Ever since our GGO Candidate Survey Program concluded a few weeks ago, I vowed to let Brian Kemp and Cagle battle it out on the Second Amendment in the lead up to the July 24 run-off . . . That is, unless one of the candidates said or did