GGO Members Kick Anti-Gun Casey Cagle to the Curb


Dear Georgia Gun Owner,

First, Casey Cagle ignored the members and supporters of Georgia Gun Owners.

Your calls, emails, texts, and Facebook messages went unanswered.

Then he said he was opposed to “Constitutional Carry”, only to flip flop days later under withering grassroots heat from GGO.

When you asked him to review, fill out, and return his Georgia Gun Owners Candidate Survey, he didn’t bother.

Finally, when I put a camera in his face urging him to return the survey, he still didn’t do so.

When all else failed, my staff and I went to Cagle’s office and produced a live broadcast to our members and supporters urging to call him one more time concerning his missing survey.

Your heat became too much and Cagle finally folded, and returned the survey.

Interestingly enough, Cagle never actually signed the survey.  One of his staffers did, while he was in Las Vegas.

As a result, last night Cagle was blown out (70% to 30%) in one of the biggest political blowouts in Georgia electoral history.

Republicans who act like Cagle did toward your Second Amendment rights are always looking for wiggle room once safely elected.

You saw it yourself in the mail and elsewhere, Cagle tried to hide his anti-gun Second Amendment stances by touting his “NRA endorsement”.

We must settle this point forever RIGHT NOW — an NRA endorsement in the state of Georgia is not worth the paper it’s written.

In this state, candidates must go through the members and supporters of Georgia Gun Owners.  PERIOD.

We must never cede this ground.

In the end, every candidate for Governor and Lt. Governor (looks like Duncan will defeat Shafer) filled out the GGO Candidate Survey 100%.

This speaks to your political power.

It’s a power you and I must never give up, and a power we must use.

Unwavering political pressure on the politicians forces them to do what we want.  That’s what you delivered and maintained so far this election year.

No matter who the Governor is in January 2019, there are no more excuses for the Georgia General Assembly — act now to pass Constitutional Carry or go down in flames in the 2020 elections.

As you’ve seen, Georgia Gun Owners has slowly unearthed Stacey Abrams’ radical, anti-gun record.

We’ve produced that information in recent months, and now will step on the gas, exposing her and her running mate, hard-left Lt. Gov. candidate, Sarah Riggs Amico, statewide.

These two are not playing around.

Soros, Bloomberg, Steyer, Phillips and Sanders, as well as many others have pledged at least $50 million to take Georgia away FOREVER.

On the top of their list is the destruction of Second Amendment rights in our state.

As you know, Stacey Abrams was lead sponsor of HB 731 in 2015.

Her bill calls for banning, confiscation, and destruction of firearms owned by millions of Georgians.

Who would she order to do this?  The Georgia Bureau of Investigation.

The stakes are high and the left-wing money pouring into Georgia is coming in hot right now.

Thanks for all you do and for all your generous support.

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners