ANTIFA explodes at Georgia Tech

Late last night, Antifa thugs and Black Lives Matter exploded into violence on the campus of Georgia Tech in downtown Atlanta. The culmination of their violent “protest” was the burning of a Georgia Tech police car on campus. Georgia Gun Owners had multiple sources on campus capturing video, pictures and observing the actions last night. From what we discovered after hearing from these GGO supporters on the ground, most if

Why we ask for contributions

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, I couldn’t feel more sick for them. A couple of weeks ago, news broke on websites like Guns.com that the Oregon legislature passed a nasty gun-confiscation bill. Funded by Bloomberg and pushed by Gabby Gifford’s gun-control organizations, the law enables gun confiscation by declaration rather than adjudication. Specifically, it destroys a gun owner’s right to due process in the court of law by creating “extreme risk

10,000 Round Ammo Giveaway!

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, Georgia Gun Owners is giving away 10,000 rounds of .22LR ammunition to TWO lucky winners (5,000 rounds each). Please click here or on the image below and sign up to win! The TWO winners will be announced on email and Facebook on Wednesday, August 30. As always, stay active, stay mobilized, and stay involved. For freedom, Patrick Parsons Executive Director Georgia Gun Owners

Ossoff goes DOWN!

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, If it walks like a gun-grabber and talks like a gun-grabber, it must be a gun-grabber!  For months, Jon Ossoff did everything he could to hide his anti-gun beliefs. He used left-wing catch phrases like “gun safety” and “responsible gun laws” to dodge the issue. The problem for Ossoff was that his donors, his supporters, and left-wingers he worked with for years all HATE your Second

Somebody has to say it

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, By now you’ve heard about the left-wing Bernie Sanders supporter who attempted to kill Republican members of Congress this morning. As usual, the gun-grabbers took just minutes to litter social media outlets and Fake News networks with calls for gun control. Standing just a few hundred feet from the crime scene, anti-gun Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe strode to the microphone to spout anti-gun talking points (click

ALERT: Inmates On The Loose

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, News out of Eatonton, Georgia (Putnam County) this morning that TWO prison guards have been killed . . . And TWO inmates are on the loose somewhere in Georgia. “A witness told investigators two inmates fled the scene in a 2004 dark green Honda Civic (GA tag RBJ660) after the shooting.  The escaped inmates have been identified as Donnie Russell Rowe and Ricky Dubose.” 1. Make

"Creepy" Casey falls flat

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, “What’s his problem?!?  Gives me the creeps!” That’s what one Georgia Gun Owners member yelled to me across the Augusta Convention Center floor during Casey Cagle’s speech Saturday afternoon. Noticeably rattled by thousands of calls/texts/Facebook messages from GGO supporters insisting he come out in favor of Constitutional Carry, Cagle stumbled through the Second Amendment portion of his speech. Convention sources report to me that Cagle’s team

Casey Cagle is HIDING

Dear Georgia Gun Owners, For years, Casey Cagle has dipped, dodged and wiggled out of saying where he stands on Constitutional Carry. We can’t let him get away with it any longer. Now that Cagle is running for Governor, it’s vital gun owners get him on the record on the issue, while he’s out looking for votes. We can’t afford another Republican Governor who plays games with our Second Amendment

Ossoff: Bought and Paid for by Hollywood Liberals

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, Until she made headlines over the last 24 hours, most had no idea anti-gun Kathy Griffin was one of liberal Jon Ossoff’s top Hollywood supporters. Our staff here at GGO put together this short Griffin-Ossoff video for you to pass around to family and friends. To help this video go viral and to reach as many Second Amendment supporters as possible, please do three things: 1.

Slap in the face to gun owners

Georgia gun owner, Late yesterday, Governor Deal signed the weakest so-called “campus carry” bill in the country into law. The bill leaves in place thousands of buildings, housing units, classrooms, offices, and other places as “gun free zones.” Governor Deal openly bragged in the media and in his press release about the concessions and “compromise” he got from Republicans to weaken and water down the bill. This bill is a