Dirty Deal Boxed Them In

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, By seeking to “compromise” your Second Amendment rights at the Capitol in Atlanta, the establishment gun lobby has boxed themselves in. With just four legislative days left in this General Assembly, they’ve put your gun rights up for “negotiation,” and the gun-grabbers have the upper hand. You see, Patrick, after Governor Nathan Deal vetoed the weak, watered down “campus carry” bill last year, the establishment gun

Another Constitutional Carry Resolution Passes

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, Another GOP county party in Georgia has passed a resolution urging the General Assembly to Pass Constitutional Carry! Last night, thanks to the efforts of GGO members and supporters in Gilmer County, our Constitutional Carry resolution passed unanimously. GGO member Margaret Williamson sent me the following note about why she pushed for the passage of the resolution: I am a naturalized U.S. citizen who was attracted

Constitutional Carry Resolution Passes

Dear Georgia Gun Owners, I want to extend a HUGE thanks to the scores of Georgia Gun Owners members who mobilized this weekend at the Cobb County GOP Convention. Not only did they help vote out the establishment Chairwoman of the party, they passed unanimously a resolution urging the General Assembly to pass Constitutional Carry legislation for Georgia. This is the largest GOP county convention in the state! Since the

Anti-Gun Republicans Identified

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, The five Georgia Republican State Representatives pictured below voted for gun control last Friday (HB 280). Georgia Gun Owners is the ONLY Second Amendment organization to identify these five gun-grabbers publicly. Establishment politicians in Atlanta spend tens of thousands of dollars to protect these anti-gunners every two years at the polls, so it’s no surprise the establishment gun lobby remains silent. If you are represented by

We Love Women!

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, With all the talk of “International Women’s Day” (mostly being touted by left-wingers and communists), we thought we’d take a quick moment to honor women as well. Women with guns, that is! We’re thankful for the thousands of women who call themselves members of Georgia Gun Owners. The mainstream media does everything in their power to bury stories of women and firearms . . . That’s

Time to Name Names

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, Two legislators are responsible for running out the clock on Constitutional Carry in 2017 — State Reps. Alan Powell and Heath Clark. Both Powell and Clark left not one, but TWO Constitutional Carry bills languishing in their committee last Friday, Crossover Day, at the Capitol in Atlanta. “Crossover” (Day 28 of 40) is the day that legislation must pass from one legislative body to the other

Prescription for Georgia

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, As a passionate defender of our individual right to keep and bear arms, I’m watching closely as Georgia Gun Owners fights tooth-and-nail for Constitutional Carry in Georgia. But I’m not just a supporter of Georgia Gun Owners, I’m a Life Member, as well. The Second Amendment is the foundation and guarantor of every other right — all of our God-given rights that are recognized by our Constitution.

Don't let Powell and Clark Kill It

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, Friday of this week is “Crossover,” the day in which legislation has to pass from the House or the Senate to be heard in the other legislative body. Right now, Chairman Alan Powell and Subcommittee 2A Chairman Heath Clark are stonewalling gun owners — doing everything in their power to stop Constitutional Carry from being voted on. Instead of allowing an up-or-down vote (which they could call

Video - Heath Clark Speaks

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, Just got back from the Capitol in Atlanta, where once again Subcommittee Chair Heath Clark and Committee Chair Alan Powell refused to allow a vote on Constitutional Carry. Because neither legislator will give us a straight answer, we asked Chairman Heath Clark himself when gun owners would be getting an up-or-down vote on Constitutional Carry. His answer?  Click here or below to watch the video and

Worked all weekend (picture)

Dear Georgia Gun Owner, We worked all weekend preparing to deliver your signed Constitutional Carry petitions (picture below) to the Capitol in Atlanta. News broke over the weekend that there will be not one, but two Second Amendment hearings today in the House. Subcomittee 2A (Chairman Heath Clark)Public Safety | Homeland Security Committee (Chairman Alan Powell) As of this moment, both Chairman Clark and Chairman Powell are stonewalling gun owners,