Georgia Gun Control Bill Introduced – HB 651

Dear Georgia Gun Owners,

I’ve got some breaking news from the Capitol in Atlanta.

Yesterday was the first day that Georgia legislators could introduce new legislation for the 2018 meeting of the Georgia General Assembly.

My staff watched closely late into the night for new gun control legislation.

Sure enough, anti-gun witch Mary Margaret Oliver from Decatur made sure she introduced a bill.

HB 651 is a “bump stock” ban.

Of course, it isn’t just a ban on “bump stocks”.

The language in her bill would cover untold number of firearm “accessories” as well.

But don’t be confused by Oliver’s new obsession with “bump stocks”.  Every year she introduces legislation to ban and confiscate hundreds of firearms.

This isn’t about “bump stocks”.  It’s about getting gun control wherever the gun-grabbers can.

We have real enemies at the Capitol who introduce real gun control bills and try to work with Republicans to get it done.

That’s why I’m urging you to stay involved (or get involved) with Georgia Gun Owners as we head into a very important session of the General Assembly.

We have defense to play in 2018, but we’re on offense as well, pushing for Constitutional Carry in Georgia.

Please click here and consider chipping $10 or $20 or whatever you can afford to help Georgia Gun Owners keep up in the fight into 2018.

And as always, stay active, stay mobilized, and stay involved.

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Georgia Gun Owners