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Matt Gurtler Interview HD 8

Matt Gurtler defeated challenger Kent Weorner in a landslide on July 26. The Second Amendment issue was a BIG deal in this race. GGO sent thousands of letters to voters informing them of Kent Woerner’s anti-gun sentiments; namely that he supported banning 50 cals and opposed a clean “campus carry” bill.

STOP The Oliver Gun Ban!

Georgia State Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver wants to ban so-called “assault rifles.” Well, we’re here to say “hell no!” she will not! GGO members and supporters stand ready to fight back at a moment’s notice, whenever called upon.

Politicians Playing Politics with your Rights

The politicians and establishment gun lobby are playing politics with your Second Amendment rights at the Capitol in Atlanta. Cutting deals, twisting arms, and compromising your rights away. We don’t have to accept this trash, gun owners! GGO Executive Director Patrick Parsons recorded this live update from the Capitol. Please watch and pass it around to friends — especially those who support our Second Amendment rights.

GGO Executive Director Defends Second Amendment at Georgia State Capitol

Moments after gun-grabbers announced their legislation (HB 731) would include confiscation and force gun owners to “turn in their guns,” GGO Executive Director Patrick Parsons took the floor to rebut their nonsense and remind any lawmaker who supports this dangerous legislation would be held accountable at the polls.