We saw him!

Dear Georgia Gun Owner,

It’s always encouraging to see one of our great Georgia Gun Owners members supporting our efforts at the Capitol in Atlanta.

Today, GGO member Larry from Ellijay (pictured below) stopped in to see lead Constitutional Carry (HB 156) sponsor, State Rep. Matt Gurtler, to thank him for pushing this issue in Georgia.

I can tell you that the phones are ringing off the hook in support of HB 156 — keep it up!

Please take time RIGHT NOW and make a call to Chairman Alan Powell of the House Public Safety and Homeland Security Committee.

Ask him to hold an up or down vote on Constitutional Carry.

Call > 404-463-3793

After you’ve done that, if you’ve yet to renew your 2017 GGO Membership, please click here to do so TODAY!

Thank you — in advance — for taking action!

For freedom,

Patrick Parsons
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. Click here and sign your Petition to Pass Constitutional Carry in Georgia!  We’ll deliver it for you at the Capitol!

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