Vote on Chipman Could Happen Very FAST!

Thanks to you and millions of gun owners like you, Joe Biden has a major David Chipman problem, and it’s only getting worse.

In their absolute hatred for America, Joe Biden’s team selected a nominee who hates Second Amendment and law abiding gun owners so much that even Senate Democrats are getting scared of having to vote to confirm this madman!

Thanks to a massive outpouring of calls and emails from gun owners across the country the word has gotten out: voting to confirm David Chipman will be a major issue during your next election!

 But this is no time to relax. We need to HAMMER on Chipman’s nomination repeatedly, to give Joe Biden no option other than pulling Chipman’s nomination for good.


Right now, Chuck Schumer is trying to decide if he wants to spend a massive amount of political capital trying to beg holdouts in his own party to back Chipman — or force Joe Biden to admit defeat and endure the humiliation of withdrawing a high profile nomination.

That’s why you need to help us pour on the pressure! If Senate Republicans remain united against Chipman and even one Senate Democrat decides that he’s not going to go along with this, Chipman’s done!

But there’s more than just David Chipman’s nomination at stake.

 If Biden is forced to concede defeat and withdraw Chipman’s nomination over his tyrannical views on gun control, it will deal a massive blow to Biden’s entire gun control agenda!


Chipman is a madman who thinks that virtually every single semi-automatic rifle in America should be labeled an ‘assault weapon’ and confiscated by brute force.

Chipman wants to use ATF SWAT teams to enforce a national ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law, seizing firearms from Americans who haven’t been convicted of a damn thing, based on allegations from embittered ex-spouses.

Chipman is salivating at the chance to lock up Americans who pass down family firearms to their children and grandchildren without adding their name to a government database first, a requirement should Biden get H.R. 8 through Congress.

David Chipman represents Joe Biden’s war on law abiding gun owners perfectly. That’s why Chipman’s nomination fight has really become a referendum on the entire Second Amendment, and that’s why you need to continue to send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAILS!

 Help defeat Chipman NOW!

When you’re done, please donate to make sure that Georgia Gun Owners can continue to lead the fight against this nut job.

If you can afford to give $100 or even $250 to help us close the door on Chipman’s nomination and deal a savage blow to Biden’s war on the Second Amendment, now is the time!

If $75, $50 or $25 is more appropriate for you today, I hope you will consider that, instead.

Whatever you can afford, please make a contribution now.

We are close to defeating the most insane nominee to ever be put forth to lead a federal agency. But we can’t let up. Help us keep fighting!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. David Chipman’s nomination to lead the ATF is on life support, after gun owners have hammered the Senate with an avalanche of calls and emails in opposition to this madman.

Now it’s time to DOUBLE the pressure and finish Chipman off. If we’re successful, it will deal a major blow to Joe Biden’s entire gun control agenda!


After you’ve sent your emails, please make a generous donation so that Georgia Gun Owners can keep fighting for you.

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