Violence Out of Control, But No Constitutional Carry for Georgia

Violent crime is surging.

Joe Biden is attacking our gun rights 24/7 in Congress.

‘Red states’ across the country are fighting like mad to pass Constitutional Carry, the Second Amendment Preservation Act, and Stand-Your-Ground law, to secure freedoms for their citizens.

Despite all of this, our timid Governor Brian Kemp won’t even so much as issue a press release calling on Speaker David Ralston and the legislature to pass this bill in 2022!

Some in the legislature have reached out to Georgia Gun Owners, asking us to ‘be nicer to Brian’ in hopes that he comes around and keeps his promise to support the bill.

Sorry, Brian, you made a promise, and here in Georgia, that means something. You can expect the political beatings to continue until you keep your word and make Georgia a Constitutional Carry state!

In fact, GGO came out with this BRAND NEW ad this morning, making sure that EVERY gun owner in the state knows about Kemp’s broken promise and the real world consequence that it’s having here in Georgia.

Check out our new ad here or below:

Over 50,000 Georgians saw our most recent ad about GGO’s fight to make Georgia a Constitutional Carry state! But it’s critical that we constantly increase the pressure on Brian Kemp!

So if you can, please make a donation of $25, $50, $100 or even $250 to help us FLOOD social media with this ad!

Brian Kemp thinks that he can break his promise and still have the blind support of gun owners here in Georgia. Help us send a message to Brian that if he won’t fight for us, gun owners won’t fight for him!

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For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. Georgia Gun Owners is out with a brand new digital ad highlighting the utter failure of Brian Kemp to fight for gun owners, which is allowing violent crime to explode!

Watch the ad here!

Then donate today to help GGO get this ad in front of tens of thousands of gun owners, as we work to crank up the heat on Brian Kemp! Now is the time!

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