URGENT: Biden Coming for Your AR-15!

Joe Biden isn’t hesitating.

In the wake of the Maine shooting, Biden and the entire gun control machine in D.C. are mobilizing to try to ban our AR-15s and hundreds of similar rifles once and for all!

This isn’t a drill.

In the House, Biden already has 205 co-sponsors on H.R. 698.

In the Senate, a full 44 Senators have signed onto S. 25!

The bills are identical. And they make it a FELONY CRIME to purchase an AR-15 or over 200 specifically named rifles — effectively disarming future generations of Americans!


Biden and the rest of the tyrants want to have total control over the American people. But they can’t subjugate an armed population. And that’s what this is all about…

…forcing us into Australian style gun confiscation.

Seem farfetched? Listen to what Kamala Harris said Thursday!

These evil people are counting on you and me to be so filled with horror over the loss of life in Maine, that we’ll be too morally weakened to oppose their agenda. Don’t fall for it.

All Maine proved was the failure of gun control.

The murderer in Maine passed a background check.

The murderer in Maine was a prohibited person.

The murderer in Maine wasn’t stopped by Red Flag laws.

And neither will the next criminal. Gun control isn’t about stopping criminals. It’s about stopping you and me from being able to stop our government if it becomes fully tyrannical!


Stand with us, and make sure that we can flood our Congressional delegation with calls, emails, and texts from gun owners all over the state opposing Biden’s ‘assault weapons’ ban!

Party labels don’t count for much these days.

We all experienced that last year.

This fight is coming, and we need your help. Please donate today to help us defend the Second Amendment!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners