UN Small Arms Treaty — URGENT!

Just days ago, the United Nations wrapped up another meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, plotting to disarm the American people through their UN Small Arms Treaty!

Their next (and more consequential) meeting is already scheduled.

Attending the UN Small Arms ‘working group’ is a collection of the world’s most brutal regimes.

But make no mistake, the real entity that is driving the momentum for the UN Small Arms Treaty isn’t some Third-World banana republic — it’s the Communist Chinese!

The Chinese are taking a more aggressive posture with America by the day.

With the largest army on the planet, they are not afraid to flex their political muscle right now, especially with weak and tired Joe Biden in our White House.

In recent meetings before the entire conference, China demanded the United States officially sign on to the UN Small Arms Treaty (the procedural hurdle required before a Senate vote can occur.)

Never forget, it was the Chinese government who murdered over 65,000,000 of its own people last century! The Chinese government is currently ‘re-educating’ (torturing) over 1,000,000 political opponents in internment camps!

But Chinese leader Xi Jinping knows that before he could ever make a move on America, he would need to deal with the fact that unlike China, the American people are not helpless serfs.

In this blessed country, there are over 100 million Americans who proudly own somewhere around 400 million firearms! And we’re not going to let any foreign dictator take them from us!

China’s goal with this treaty is to find out exactly which Americans own firearms, how many firearms are in private hands, and to browbeat the White House into passing legislation to restrict our right to keep and bear arms.

Specifically, the UN Small Arms Treaty would:

>>> Establish a global firearm registry that would track the ‘end user’ of every single rifle, shotgun, and handgun sold in the world through an international database!

>>> Require that any disputes over the implementation or the enforcement of the treaty be adjudicated by an international tribunal of nations!

>>> Establish a clearing house for ‘sample legislation’ that member nations would be expected to use to make sure that national laws comply with the terms of the treaty.

Every single part of this is designed to slowly but surely register and then disarm every single gun owner in America. Of course, with Joe Biden being in China’s pocket, Xi Jinping has a willing partner in this fight.

(Chinese President Xi Jinping is currently torturing over 1,000,000 of his own people, wants America to ratify the UN Small Arms Treaty!)

In fact, Biden has recently announced that he’s made America an official signatory of the UN Small Arms Treaty — which is the necessary first step for a full ratification vote.

Tell Senators Warnock and Ossoff to oppose the UN Small Arms Treaty by signing your official Petition of Opposition today!

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Many gun owners don’t even know that Biden has made America a signatory to this treaty, much less that the UN is meeting this week!

We are trying to alert them, and to mobilize them into taking action, but we need your help to do it. So please make a generous donation today!

For Georgia,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. This evil treaty is being pushed by the Communist Chinese who hate this country and would love to know exactly which American households possess firearms.

But before that can happen, the United States Senate needs to ratify this treaty.

So please tell Senators Warnock and Ossoff to VOTE NO on this ratification vote by signing your petition today!

Then please make a donation to help us fight back against the UN Small Arms Treaty today! This is a fight that we absolutely have to win!