Tell Kemp: No Special Session for Gun Control!

The pressure for gun control here in Georgia is reaching a fevered pitch — and you and I need to respond immediately!

Several weeks ago, a known thug with criminal histories in both Clayton and Henry counties, killed a staffer at Northside Hospital and wounded three more staffers before being arrested.

The motive for the shooting: revenge after being denied a prescription for Ativan, a mind-altering psychotropic drug.

Within minutes (literally) of the shooting, Democratic politicians here in Atlanta were on the news, demanding passage of the most aggressive gun control bills you can imagine.

For the Radical Left here in Atlanta, this is all part of their plan: wait for a criminal to shoot someone, and then use the outrage that comes from that to advance gun control.

That’s why they’ve demanded that Governor Kemp call for a special session of the legislature, so they can take an absolute sledgehammer to our right to keep and bear arms!

I need to you help us resist this pressure by signing the petitions that we’ve prepared for you immediately! More on that below. The Democrats staged a massive gun control rally in Atlanta last week.

It’s vital that you do.

Gun-grabbing Senators like Michelle Au, Elena Parent, Josh McLaurin and others think that you and I won’t fight back, cowed into submission by the horror of this shooting.

They couldn’t be more wrong.

GGO is not going to stand back and let our gun rights be attacked by the same politicians whose policies enabled this attack in the first place!

I hope you won’t fall for their moral posturing, either.   

Democrat policies made the hospital a ‘Gun Free Zone’ and invited this attack — but you and I are to blame.

Democrat policies have taken God out of our schools and taught an entire generation of kids that there is no such thing as right and wrong — but you and I are to blame.   

Democrat policies have destroyed the family unit leading to an epidemic of children being raised without fathers and left feeling vulnerable — but you and I are to blame.     

Democrat policies have hooked our children on Xanax, Ativan, Klonopin and a half dozen other mind-altering drugs that feed horrific delusions — but you and I are to blame.   

Democrat policies have led to cashless bail and Soros-backed prosecutors who refuse to put criminals in prison, emboldening violent predators — but you and I are to blame.

Make no mistake: The Radical Left has created a societal powder keg on purpose. Then, predictably, when someone hopped up on psychotropic drugs commits a violent crime, they turn on the fake tears and demand that we surrender our gun rights!


And we don’t have to guess what kind of legislation the Democrats here in Atlanta want to pass…they are very clear. 

Just some of what the Left wants to pass during a special session of the legislature includes:

  • A registry of every gun owner in Georgia (H.B. 44); this bill criminalizes the private sale of firearms and enables future gun confiscation by creating lists of gun owners.
  • A statewide ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law (H.B. 584); this bill allows liberal judges to order the confiscation of your firearms before you’ve been convicted of anything!
  • Deadly safe storage requirements (H.B. 161); this bill would force you to lock up your guns unless you are at the range, leaving you helpless to stop a violent home invasion!

To be clear, these are just three of the bills that the Left is demanding passage of right now. There are over a half dozen others that have been filed.

If one of these bills were to pass, it would be terrible. If all of them became law, it would be a complete disaster and Georgia would descend into violent crime like we’ve never seen!

But we also can’t forget about the bills in Atlanta that would repeal the gun rights that we’ve secured in law.

  • H.B. 842 would repeal Georgia’s Stand-Your-Ground law;  allowing Soros-backed prosecutors to put you in prison for the ‘crime’ of defending yourself from a violent criminal without first retreating an arbitrary number of steps.
  •  H.B. 195 would repeal Georgia’s Constitutional Carry law; requiring law abiding Georgians to obtain government permission to carry a firearm again, while simultaneously putting them into a government database.

As you can see, not a single one of the bills that are being proposed in Atlanta would stop violent criminals. Not one. But

that’s not what these bills were designed to do.

These bills were designed for one reason: to obliterate our Second Amendment rights here in Georgia once and for all!


The good news is that the Democrats have made their plans for Georgia and our Second Amendment freedoms very clear.

There was a time when Georgia had some Democrats who voted pro-gun. And for years, national Democrats pretended that they only wanted to make small changes to our gun rights.

Those days are over…we all know what’s at stake now.

The bad news is that the Democratic National Committee has their sights set on Georgia, and they are coming after us and our gun rights with everything they’ve got!

I think we all hoped that the run-off election results in 2020 were an aberration, the result of a very messy Presidential election and the fallout that came from that.

But then 2022 happened, and Raphael Warnock was re-elected.

It’s clear to everyone that Georgia is at a tipping point. And it’s no secret that the Democrats have named Georgia as their NUMBER ONE target for 2024 – determined to turn us ‘blue.’

So we can’t just sit back and hope this call for gun control will go away on its own. That won’t happen.

And it would be a mistake to blindly trust our Republican majorities in Atlanta will deal with this on their own. Last session the RINOs killed SAPA and anti ‘Red Flag’ legislation.  

House leadership, in particular, totally fell apart.

Majority Leader Chuck Efstration approved a Public Safety Committee hearing for Representative Michelle Au’s deadly Safe Storage laws! GGO killed that bill, but the fact that the hearing even took place is an ominous sign.

No, gun owners need to get loud, right now!


That’s why GGO is preparing a massive grassroots mobilization program, designed to pour heat into the legislature against the entire gun control agenda the Left is pushing.

First, we will be using our massive email program to flood legislative inboxes in Atlanta against the gun control bills above AND Gov. Kemp’s inbox, urging him to refuse to grant the Democrats a special session of the legislature.

Second, we will be producing hard hitting digital ads that can be used on social media, alerting gun owners to this threat and urging them to call their legislators.

Third, we are preparing to roll out a text-based program to mobilize up to 100,000 gun owners with alerts action links sent right to their cell phones.  

Fourth, we are preparing direct mail alerts (like this one) to send to up to 250,000 gun owners in targeted districts to make sure they have the facts and can take action. The best part about this program is that it is uncensorable. 

Every bit of this program is designed to send a message to the weak Republicans in Atlanta that if they even blink on gun control, GGO Nation will devour them in the primaries!

But coming on the heels of a very busy (and expensive) legislative session, we don’t have the budget in place to run this program at the size it needs to be run — we need help!

So please make a generous donation of $100 or even $250 TODAY!

Remember, this isn’t just about keeping our guns, it’s about keeping Georgia free and ‘red’ for the next generation!

Rep. Michelle Au and Senator Elena Parent are trying to disarm as many law-abiding Georgians as possible!

We need to stand, now, or the Michelle Aus and Elena Parents of the state will crush our gun rights. 

I don’t want to have to tell my children and grandchildren that I remember when Georgia used to be free.

I want to be able to tell them that you and I fought like hell and kept Georgia free!

But I need your help. So if $100 isn’t possible, please make a donation of $75, $50, $25, $17.76 or whatever you can afford.

Regardless of the amount of your donation, please sign your petitions today!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. After a violent thug — hopped up on psychotropic drugs — shot an Atlanta hospital employee and wounded several more last week, the Democrats are demanding a special session of the legislature to pass a massive gun control package. 

This shooting, like all mass shootings, are made possible by Democratic policies and gun owners are not to blame!

Please sign your petitions calling on the legislature to oppose the gun control agenda in Atlanta, and urging Governor Kemp to oppose the call for a special session.


After you do that, please make a donation of $250, $100, $50, $25 or at least $17.76 to help GGO unleash the grassroots mobilization program listed above.

National Democrats are gunning for Georgia — help us hold the line and keep Georgia free!