TAKE ACTION: SAPA in Committee Tuesday!

This is breaking news, and I need you to take immediate action!

GGO’s Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB-293) is set for a House Judiciary (Non-Civil) Committee hearing Tuesday!

With Biden’s Executive Orders set to take effect in just a few months, the pressure is mounting on the legislature to advance this bill before Georgia cops are forced to arrest gun owners.

But now that SAPA is headed to committee, pressure is mounting against this bill!

The radical left, the fake news media, and every gun control group are trying to kill SAPA, and they have RINO support!

We need to push back! Please take 30 seconds and your PREWRITTEN EMAIL of support for the Second Amendment Preservation Act directly to every member of the committee!

HB-293 would make it clear that Georgia cops work for Georgians, and that if Joe Biden wants to enforce federal gun control here in Georgia, he would need to use federal agents!

SAPA is on the move all over the country right now. But for it to make any progress in Georgia, it first needs to clear this committee.

Please send your PREWRITTEN EMAIL to this committee, demanding they pass HB-293 with NO WEAKENING AMENDMENTS!

For Georgia,

Alex Dorr
Political Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. The Second Amendment Preservation Act (HB-293) will be heard in the House Judiciary (Non-Civil)Committee on Tuesday afternoon!

Michael Bloomberg and the Radical Left are doing everything they can to stop this bill. And that’s why I need you to send your PREWRITTEN EMAIL to every member of this committee, demanding they pass HB-293 with no harmful amendments!

We’ll be sure to keep you informed on what happens