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2022 Georgia State Legislative Primary Voter Guide

The legislative candidates we choose on the May 24th Georgia Primary ballot, many of whom will go on victory in the November elections and represent us in Atlanta, means more today than it ever has in our lives.

Because who gun owners pick will most likely determine the fate of gun bills that will have massive ramifications on Georgia:

➜➜    Will massive policy gains like the Second Amendment Preservation Act get passed? Or will they be tossed in the trash?

➜➜    Will 2023 be the year that the gun-grabbers in Atlanta storm all the way to victory and pass everything from Red Flag Gun Confiscation and AR15 bans, or will gun owners once again rise up and curb stomp their agenda?

Those questions will be answered today, because these primaries will decide if we are going to have FIGHTERS for freedom or total RINOs and gun-grabbing Democrats in Atlanta.

There’s a lot on the line in this election. I know it, you know it, everybody knows it.

That’s why it is so important that you find out what legislative districts you live in by clicking here.

Then read this article to find out if the candidates running to represent YOU in Atlanta have filled out our Georgia Gun Owner’s Candidate Questionnaire or not.

We asked each of the candidates a series of 10 questions regarding our gun rights that they will face if elected.

To see a copy of the questions that we asked each of the candidates, click here.

NOTE: Only candidates who have completed our survey 100% pro-gun will be listed below:

Candidate House District
Jackie Harling 1
Steven Tarvin
Jim Cole
Mitchell Horner 3
Nick Voyles 4
Lee Coker 6
Stan Gunter 8
Victor Anderson 10
Brad Barnes
Luke Martin
Scott Richards 16
Neil Wolin 17
Tyler Paul Smith
John Kennedy
Charlice Byrd
Stu Hixon
20 – VIDEO
Jordan Ridley
Donna Kosicki
Sheri Gilligan 24 – VIDEO
Blake McClellan
John Luchettie
28 – VIDEO
Emory Dunahoo 31
Martis Redding 37
Bety Kramer 50
Shane Miller 64 – VIDEO
Angel Nunez 70
David Ballard 74
David Clark 100 – VIDEO
Hai Cao 107
Noelle Kahaian 117 – VIDEO
Jayson Stonne 144
Bethany Ballard 147
Mike Cheokas 151
Gerald Green 154
Lehman Franklin 160


Candidates for State Senate

NOTE: Only candidates who have completed our survey 100% pro-gun will be listed below:

Candidate Senate District
Jeff Jones 3 – VIDEO
George Woods
John Kennedy
Brian Strickland
Brett Mauldin
17 – VIDEO
Blake Tillery 19
Daniela Sullivan-Marzahl 25
Asa Smith 36
Ross Harvin
Charles Chase
Shawn Still 48 – VIDEO
Derek Keeney
Chuck Hufstetler
Colton Moore 53 – VIDEO

If you see one of your candidates listed above out on the campaign trail, THANK THEM for being 100% pro-gun!

But, if a candidate in your district is not listed above and you see them out on the campaign trail, make sure you tell them to apologize to gun owners for refusing to answer the GGO candidate survey.

Last, but not least, please share this information with all of your friends and family so they can make informed decisions!

And whatever you do, go vote PRO-GUN on today!

For Georgia,

Alex Dorr
Political Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. Forward this update to every gun owner you know!