Stand-Your-Ground Repeal FILED in Atlanta!

We’ve been warning you that this was coming for a while, and now that’s it’s here, the radical left’s attempts to repeal Georgia’s Stand-Your-Ground law is even worse than we expected!

It’s become quite clear over the last few years that the fight that gun owners are engaged in across the country is not just about guns, it’s about preserving a heritage of freedom.

One side values personal responsibility, self-reliance, freedom and feels a duty to convey this down to the next generation. The other side hates you and me for believing the way we do, and they want to stomp up right into the dirt because of it!

 Nothing else could explain Georgia’s Senate Bill 135, which was filed by almost every single Democrat in the Georgia State Senate, reportedly on orders from Stacey Abrams! 

Sign your petition against Senate Bill 135 right away!

I can hardly describe what a disaster it would be for law-abiding Georgians if the politicians in Atlanta repealed Stand-Your-Ground law.

Passed in 2006, Georgia’s Stand-Your-Ground law (16-3-21.1) is considered by many legal experts to be one of the best self-defense bills in the country because of how thorough it is.

That’s because of our current law:

>>> Removes the requirement to retreat before you can defend yourself; allowing law-abiding gun owners to defend themselves and their loved ones without having to retreat an arbitrary number of steps first.

If we lose this, you and I could go to prison if we defend   ourselves from a violent predator in a ‘blue county.’

>>> Provides important civil immunity provisions; ensuring that gun owners who use appropriate levels of force don’t ever have to worry about facing a bogus civil suit afterward.

If we lose this section of law (16-3-24.2), then the same violent thug who tried to victimize you in the street could victimize you again through an expensive civil trial.

>>> Covers the threatened use of force; which means that if you are forced to draw a handgun to prevent a violent assault (but don’t have to pull the trigger) your actions are still covered by the law.

If the socialists in the Capitol gut this section of the law, you could be facing criminal charges like ‘brandishing a firearm’ if you dare to draw your firearm, even if you were in fear for your life!


You see, every single portion of Senate Bill 135 is designed to give armed robbers, rapists, and killers the upper hand, by forcing you to retreat if you are under attack before you can defend yourself.

Make no mistake, if we lose our Stand-Your-Ground law, innocent Georgians will die as a result of gun owners being too scared to draw their firearm, for fear of being sent to prison.

But none of that matters to the raging leftists in Atlanta.

They despise gun owners like you and me and they would love nothing more than to repeal Stand-Your-Ground law and let Soros -funded district attorneys throw us in prison for defending ourselves — while turning a blind eye to Antifa thugs.

And to be honest, given the rampant betrayal that gun owners have received at the hands of the moderate Republicans in Atlanta, it would be a mistake to assume that they will shoot this legislation down on their own volition.

That’s why Georgia Gun Owners is doing everything we can to pour pressure into the Capitol, reminding them that if they touch Georgia’s Stand-Your-Ground law, they are going to pay the price at election time!

We are doing this by mobilizing as many gun owners as we possibly can across the state, through a combination of web and digital ads, a massive email program, and (while we still have it) our Facebook platform.

These programs work because it reminds the politicians in Atlanta that while the media, their caucus, and Bloomberg’s out-of-state lobbyists may support gun control, Georgians don’t.


 But for this program to work, it must be massive!

That’s why, in addition to your signed petition, I must ask for your continued financial support, as well.

Georgia is at a crossroads.

 Either we are going to sit back and watch this beloved state turn into a blue wall of tyranny where our gun rights are stripped away from us piece by piece, or we’re going to stand up and fight back with everything we have!

As a GGO member, I know where you stand. But we must mobilize hundreds of thousands of gun owners to oppose this legislation and save Stand-Your-Ground law.

And that’s why I hope you’ll make an emergency donation of $100 today!

I’m asking a lot. But the stakes are higher than they have ever been before, too, so please be generous.

If $100 is not possible, I hope that you will consider $75, $50 or at least $25.

Our children and grandchildren are looking to us to stand fast and hold the line for their freedom, just like our grandfathers did for us!

So please sign your petition against this legislation right away — and make a donation if you can!  

For Freedom, 

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners 

P.S. Radical Senate Democrats, likely following orders from Stacey Abrams, just rolled out a major bill attacking our gun rights which would repeal Stand-Your-Ground law and much more!

This legislation will give criminals the upper hand, and get innocent Georgians killed in the process.

Sign your petition against Senate Bill 135 right away!

And please make an emergency donation to help GGO fight back against this Senate Bill 135!