New Radio Campaign to Defend Stand-Your-Ground Law!

Over a dozen screaming leftists in Atlanta are pushing legislation to repeal Georgia’s Stand-Your-Ground law and allow George Soros funded prosecutors to put you in prison for defending yourself!

If that wasn’t enough, they also want to make sure that you lose your civil immunity protections, which means that same thug who attacked you on the street could attack you again in the courtroom.

It’s disgusting, but it’s what we’ve come to expect from Stacey Abrams and the radical left. They hate gun owners and the Second Amendment and are determined to destroy our freedoms if they can!

That’s why Georgia Gun Owners has started running this digital ad on websites throughout Georgia, to gather hundreds of thousands of signed petitions in opposition to this legislation!  

Check it out here, or by clicking below.

As gun owners learn about this attack on our right of self-defense they are taking action in droves — but this is no time to let up!

On the contrary, GGO is hoping to get similar ads on 95.5 WSB and other major radio stations across the state, to make sure that we are flooding the Capitol with calls in opposition to this legislation.

Help us fund our digital and radio ad buys, so that we can keep the pressure up in the Capitol! Now is no time to back off, or trust that the moderates in Atlanta will stop this bill on their own!   


Thirty-six states have Stand-Your-Ground law on the books, but if Stacey Abrams is able to repeal Stand-Your-Ground law here in Georgia, it will spark a domino effect all across the country!

We need to hold the line and send a message that if the politicians even THINK about voting to repeal this legislation, they will pay the price at election time!

Make a donation today, so we can get these ads running!

For Georgia,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners 

P.S. Stacey Abrams and the America-hating leftists in Atlanta are determined to repeal Georgia’s Stand-Your-Ground law, forcing innocent Georgians to retreat from violent criminals or face criminal charges for defending themselves!

Georgia Gun Owners is running digital ads across Georgia as we work to mobilize Georgians in opposition to this bill!

Watch the ad, and then make a donation of any amount to help us keep this ad running and to help us run ads on 95.5 WSB and other key radio states across Georgia!