Must Watch: Brutal GGO Ad on Brian Kemp’s Broken Promise!

All over America, gun owners and ‘red state’ Governors are standing side by side as they fight back against Joe Biden’s war on our Second Amendment freedoms.

Constitutional Carry is exploding! The Second Amendment Preservation Act is on the move everywhere. And gun control bills are being slaughtered in State Capitols across the country!

But here in Georgia, Brian Kemp hasn’t lifted a finger to fight for gun owners or keep his promise to pass Constitutional Carry into law. Insiders tell GGO that Kemp’s people are betting that GGO will give him a pass, like the NRA’s broke affiliate Georgia Carry always does.

Well, they are wrong.

On the contrary, GGO just released our latest digital ad this morning, reminding Brian Kemp that he will pay a hell of a price if he breaks his promise to gun owners regarding Constitutional  Carry!

It’s really simple, Brian.

Either make Speaker Ralston pass the bill and make Georgia the 22nd Constitutional Carry state, or gun owners will hammer you every single day until election day!

Take action and help us fight for Constitutional Carry.

  1. Sign your petition for Constitutional Carry now!
  2. Make an immediate donation to help us fight!
  3. Forward this video to every gun owner in the state!

Gun owners are the ONLY REASON that Brian Kemp survived his primary against Casey Cagle. And gun owners are the ONLY REASON that Brian Kemp defeated Stacy Abrams in the general election.

It’s your turn.

Do your job — pass Constitutional Carry!

 For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. While his handlers have been assuring him that gun owners will forget about his broken promise on Constitutional Carry, GGO just released this new digital ad!

 <<< Watch GGO’s Ad on Brian Kemp Here! >>>

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