Missouri Just Passed the Second Amendment Preservation Act!

In just a couple of weeks, Joe Biden’s war against law abiding gun owners will fall flat on it’s face in Missouri, as the legislature passed the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) last Friday!

As someone who does gun politics in multiple states, I’ve had the pleasure of spearheading this fight in Jeff City for the last two years and was on the ground last week when the bill received its final floor votes in the House and Senate.

Assuming that Governor Mike Parson signs the bill into law, gun owners in Missouri will never again have to worry about Missouri troopers, sheriff’s deputies, or city cops enforcing Biden’s executive actions or anti-gun legislation — because doing so will be illegal!

What’s more, should a liberal mayor in Missouri decide to violate Missouri’s SAPA law, individual gun owners will be allowed to sue that department in civil court for injunctive relief.

The minimum fine that a department would face is $50,000 for each time that they violate SAPA law and try to enforce federal gun control!

This legislation is the BEST of its kind anywhere in America and it’s about to become law in Missouri because the lawmakers there listened loud and clear to gun owners who demanded action on this critical legislation.

Tell the Politicians in Atlanta to Pass SAPA!

What’s amazing is that Missouri is enacting this legislation despite the presence of almost 75 anti-gun Democrats in their legislature and a SIX HOUR LONG filibuster that occurred in the Senate!

Meantime, here in Georgia, Speaker David Ralston locked GGO’s SAPA legislation away in a drawer this session, spitting in the face of tens of thousands of grassroots gun owners

Thanks to Ralston’s actions, Georgia’s relatively good gun laws won’t count for much if Joe Biden is able to take a sledge-hammer to them at the federal level. And without the Second Amendment Preservation Act in place, that’s exactly what will happen!

As you’ve heard before, SAPA legislation is based off of the anti-commandeering doctrine and states that where federal and state laws contradict, the federal government may not ‘commandeer’ state and local resources and demand their assistance in enforcing federal law

We’ve seen this play out over the last decade when it comes to the laws surrounding marijuana. While federal law makes it a crime to possess marijuana, a large number of states have passed their own laws on the subject and are refusing the enforce federal laws.

We saw this for four long years under President Trump’s time in office, as he sought to deport violent illegal aliens, a large number of ‘blue’ states and cities refused to cooperate with the federal government and created ‘sanctuaries’ for those criminals.

Tell the Politicians in Atlanta to Pass SAPA!

What’s more, the Supreme Court has ruled on this concept repeatedly, from the 1700’s through 2018, consistently upholding the constitutionality of state’s asserting their own sovereignty when their laws disagree with federal laws.

Read more on that here

It’s clear that the Georgia legislature has the constitutional, legal, and moral right to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act –- they simply don’t want to.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick and tired of watching states all around the nation pass solid gun laws, while we have to wait for years for our own legislature to catch up.

We can’t afford to let the legislature continue to kick the can on SAPA legislation, too. With Joe Biden in the White House, the stakes are simply too high. The politicians in Atlanta must pass this legislation when they reconvene!

So please sign your petition in support of the Second Amendment Preservation Act right away, so that your elected officials in Cheyenne know exactly what you expect of them!

Perhaps the only benefit to Joe Biden being in office right now is that it’s forcing Republican majorities at the state level to stand up and fight for gun owners in a major way this year.

The question is, why won’t the politicians here in Wyoming do the same thing?

Sign your petition today. And once you’re done, please make an immediate donation to help Georgia Gun Owners mobilize grassroots pressure in support of this legislation!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
xecutive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. One of GGO’s sister organizations, the Missouri Firearms Coalition, just got their Second Amendment Preservation Act passed through their legislature last Friday!

Assuming the Governor signs it, gun owners in Missouri will never have to worry about Joe Biden’s war against the Second Amendment there, as it would be ILLEGAL for local peace officers to enforce it!  

Yet our politicians in Atlanta killed this legislation this session, locking it up in a drawer and refusing to even move it through the committee process. So please sign your petition in support of SAPA legislation below!

Tell the Politicians in Atlanta to Pass SAPA!

Once you’re finished, please donate to Georgia Gun Owners so that we can continue building support for this badly needed legislation!