I Promised the Team a Beer…

It’s over.

Moments ago, Brian Kemp signed GGO’s Constitutional Carry legislation into law, ending a years-long battle here in Atlanta and making Georgia the nation’s 25th Constitutional Carry state! 

As everyone in Atlanta knows, this monumental achievement was only made possible because you slammed the legislature and Kemp’s office with almost 100,000 calls, emails, and texts demanding action on this bill!

Make no mistake, this is YOUR VICTORY!

Michael Bloomberg did his best to try to stop us. The media went ‘all in’ in their efforts to try to stop us. The RINOs in Atlanta tried to stop us. And anti-gun Democrats tried to stop us. But they all failed thanks to you.

 (The GGO Team was on hand today as Brian Kemp signed Constitutional Carry into law in Douglasville! 25 states now have Constitutional Carry freedom!)

In passing Constitutional Carry, Georgia Gun Owners didn’t just codify Second Amendment freedom for 10,000,000 Georgians…we planted a flag for freedom that will spread across the entire Southeast.

Already Governor DeSantis in Florida is talking about a special session to work on Constitutional Carry in Tallahassee while pressure is mounting on the legislature in South Carolina, too!

Just as importantly, we reminded Raphael Warnock, Jon Ossoff, and Stacey Abrams that Georgia stands for freedom and that the members of Georgia Gun Owners will make them pay for every inch of our freedoms that they try to take away!

Over the next month, GGO will be working overtime surveying legislative, Congressional, and gubernatorial candidates on where they stand on our gun rights.

Later on this season, we’ll be exposing anti-gun legislators and candidates in advance of the primary and general elections.

Next session we’ll be leading the fight for the Second Amendment Preservation Act, defanging Joe Biden’s war on gun owners via Executive Orders.

But for tonight, the GGO Team is headed out for a beer and some steaks! I told the team back in December that if we passed Constitutional Carry this session, I’d get them the biggest steaks I could find. And we did it! We kicked Bloomberg’s a$$ and made Georgia the 25th Constitutional Carry state!


Most of the time we ask for your help to defeat legislation, expose a candidate, or help us pass pro-gun bills. Tonight, your donations are going to something a lot more tangible!

Feel free to be generous. 😊

And, as always, thank you for being part of this long fight to make Georgia a Constitutional Carry state. Your relentless pressure has terrified politicians and won you this freedom.


For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. GGO’s long fight for Constitutional Carry is over, as Brian Kemp signed SB-319 into law just a little while ago. Everyone tried to stop this bill from passing in Atlanta over the years…but GGO nation never gave up. This is your victory!

Between surveying candidates, exposing gun grabbers in the primary and general elections, and getting ready to fight for SAPA next year, it’s going to be a busy year for GGO.

But for tonight, I’m taking the GGO Team out for beer and steaks! I think we’ve earned it. If you agree, please make a generous donation to help us enjoy this massive win!


Congrats, Georgia! We’re the 25th Constitutional Carry state! WAY TO GO!