Gun Rights 2023: Where Should We Focus?

Where do you want us to focus this year?

With the 2023 legislative session underway here in Atlanta — and an awful lot at stake this year — that is the question that Georgia Gun Owners has for you!

On the one hand, we need to pass SAPA law to blunt the impact of Joe Biden’s Executive Orders attacking our gun rights. But with the DOJ trying to bribe Georgia into passing ‘Red Flags,’ we need to address that, too.

But our Stand-Your-Ground laws are weak, too. And with a Soros-backed prosecutors getting elected in a growing number of counties here in Georgia, we need to enhance these self-defense laws immediately!

But the hard truth is that there is a limit to how many fights we can address at any one time.

That’s why I need to hear from you, to know where YOU think we should focus our efforts. So please read the full email below, and then cast your official GGO membership ballot!

Once you’ve cast your ballot, please make a generous donation so that we can fight for you in Atlanta!

— Aaron

With Biden losing control of the House, the fight for gun rights is headed back where I love fighting for it the most: at the state level, right here in Atlanta!

The 2023 legislative session is going to start in just a few days, and GGO’s team has spent weeks finalizing our legislative agenda for the year, along with the budget we’ll need to flood the Capitol with grassroots pressure.

To be clear, we’ll need to keep a wary eye on Congress this year, as there are more than enough RINOs to pass a gun control bill through the GOP-controlled House.

But with such massive majorities in the House and Senate here in Atlanta, 2023 will be a rare opportunity to advance critical gun rights legislation!

From passing the Second Amendment Preservation Act, to banning the use of federal dollars to enforce ‘Red Flag’ laws, to expanding the protections to gun owners through our Stand-Your-Ground laws — there’s a lot on the line this year!

The truth is, Georgians need all of these bills to pass.

But the hard reality is that there’s a limit to how much we can spend on any one particular political fight. So, while I’d love nothing more than to go ‘all in’ on each of the bills I mentioned above, we simply don’t have the resources for that.

That’s why I am writing you today.

We need to decide where to focus the financial resources that you’ve given to us — along with our time — during this upcoming legislative session, and we need to decide quickly.

That’s why I have prepared your 2023 Georgia Gun Owners Membership Ballot with this email. I hope that you’ll read this update and complete your ballot IMMEDIATELY!

The 2022 election program that Georgia Gun Owners ran was a huge success! Brian Kemp destroyed Stacey Abrams. Burt Jones was elected as Lt. Governor. And crazy gun-grabbers like Jen Jordan and Bee Nguyen both lost their bids for statewide office! 

But that success came at a cost.

All said and done, Georgia Gun Owners spent a small fortune on this program between radio ads, digital ads, and our massive mail and email programs.

To be clear, I wouldn’t change a thing.

But as things stand today, Georgia Gun Owners has the cash on hand for one major political battle next session. We simply can’t handle three fights in Atlanta simultaneously.  

So I am counting on you to tell us where to focus this session. But before you do, let me explain what these bills do and why we need them so badly, so you have all the facts.

One of the bills that deserves our utmost attention is the Second Amendment Preservation Act, known as SAPA.

Thanks to gun owners, Joe Biden has lost control of the House, which means the days of him ramming his gun control bills through that chamber at warp speed are officially over.

That’s why Biden is ALREADY talking about mandating more gun control through Executive Orders this year. But here’s the secret to that: Biden needs Georgia cops to enforce these orders here — he doesn’t have the manpower to do it on his own.

But if Georgia passes SAPA legislation this session, our cops will be instructed to enforce Georgia laws when it comes to firearms, ammunition, and accessories, not Biden’s insanity.

To be very clear: this is perfectly legal. The State of Georgia gets to decide how our cops are used since Georgia taxpayers fund our law enforcement budget. This is the very definition of ‘States Rights’ under the 10th Amendment.

In fact, the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that when the state and federal government disagree on something, the feds may not simply force the states to comply. It’s the opposite!

So while Biden is free to send feds into Georgia to enforce his gun control laws, Georgia cops will NOT help him do it. And the fact is that without our cops to aid him, Biden’s gun control edicts will simply be unenforced here in Georgia! 

But SAPA doesn’t just protect gun owners, it protects cops.

You and I both know that Georgia is full of troopers, city cops, and sheriff’s deputies who love the Second Amendment. I hear from them all the time at events and in the Capitol.

The last thing these pro-gun cops want to do is enforce tyrannical gun control from the White House that wasn’t even voted on by a single member of Congress! SAPA gives them the legal protection they need against a hostile department head!

Missouri has SAPA law on the books. They passed it last year. And not only has the DOJ lost all three of their legal challenges, Missouri cops have maintained law and order just fine — without being used by Joe Biden to attack gun owners. 

Clearly, Georgia can (and must) do the same thing!

So if you think our top priority in 2023 needs to be passing the Second Amendment Preservation Act, please vote for OPTION #1 “FIGHT FOR SAPA” on your ballot!

But Biden has other tricks up his sleeve.

Knowing that SAPA would effectively negate his Executive Orders, Biden is turning to the oldest trick in the book for a federal government: bribing the states using taxpayer money.

Specifically, Biden is offering states like Georgia tens of millions of dollars if they agree to pass a ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law at the state level!

And this isn’t a vain threat.

Last summer Biden passed a massive gun control bill in Congress that gave him $750 million to use for exactly this reason. And with state legislatures going into session all over America right now, the DOJ is actively offering these bribes!

The damage that a ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ law would inflict on gun owners here in Georgia is almost impossible to quantify.

You see, under ‘Red Flag’ laws, almost anyone can file a complaint with the police alleging that you’re ‘dangerous.’ The ‘evidence’ could be practically anything, and totally bogus.

And when (not if, when) the judge agrees with this complaint, they will immediately order the confiscation of every firearm and every round of ammo that you own. And they’ll send a SWAT TEAM to your door to conduct the seizure!

But notice that nowhere in this process are you required to be charged — let alone convicted — of a crime.

This is what the Radical Left has wanted for a long time: the power to seize firearms from anyone they want through a bureaucratic process, with no need to convict us of a crime or follow the ‘due process’ rights that a court would ensure.

I would like to think that ‘Red Flag’ legislation would be dead on arrival here in Atlanta. Because of the pressure of GGO members, we’ve successfully crushed this bill for years.

But you and I both know that our legislative majorities in Atlanta have more than a few RINOs in them.

And if we have a mass shooting during this legislative session, these RINOs WILL be pushing their caucus to pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ — especially with Joe Biden flashing tens of millions of dollars in their face! 

That’s why we’re having legislation filed that would ban ‘Red Flag’ laws here in Georgia. More than that, our legislation would ban the use of any federal money for the purpose of enforcing gun seizures here in Georgia.

So if you think our top priority in 2023 needs to be banning both ‘Red Flag’ laws and the use of federal money to enforce them, please vote for OPTION #2 “Ban Red Flag Gun Seizures” on your ballot!

But if the last two years have taught us anything, it’s that liberal county attorneys love going after innocent gun owners who are forced to defend themselves.

We watched this play out in 2020 and 2021 as Mark McCloskey and Kyle Rittenhouse had to defend themselves twice, once from violent thugs and then again from thuggish prosecutors.

This can’t continue.

That’s why Georgia Gun Owners is having legislation filed to immediately beef up our Stand-Your-Ground law!

While our current laws have removed the need to retreat before taking defensive action, they presume that any time a gun owner defends themselves they are guilty of a crime — forcing us to prove that our actions were lawful.

That’s backwards.

This is America, where we are supposed to be ‘innocent until proven guilty.’ And in almost two dozen states, that’s exactly what happens to gun owners following a shooting.

States like Florida, Pennsylvania, and even California have upgraded their self-defense laws, granting the presumption of innocence to anyone involved in a shooting, until the government proves their guilt in a court of law.  

Georgia law needs to do the same thing.

That way a gun owner who clearly used justifiable force can’t have his life upended for 12-24 months, just because a liberal county attorney wants to imprison you for political reasons!

The legislation we’ll be filing will also establish a pre-trial immunity hearing process, allowing gun owners to assert the protections of Stand-Your-Ground law BEFORE trial.

As things stand today, our current Stand-Your-Ground protections usually don’t apply until you invoke them on appeal — AFTER your life has been ruined!

And with George Soros directly funding District Attorney races all over America these days, the odds of innocent gun owners being targeted for prosecution because of political reasons is exploding by the day. 

So if you think our top priority in 2023 needs to be enhancing our Stand-Your-Ground law to prevent Soros-prosecutors from attacking gun owners out of spite, please vote for OPTION #3 “Stand-Your-Ground” on your ballot!

I’m sure you can see why I’m so torn.

This isn’t an either/or situation. We need ALL THREE of these laws on the books, and we need them right away!

But I have to be realistic. 

Right now, after the expensive election program that we just ran, I just don’t have the funds to run a full-scale program on all three of these bills at the same time!

That’s why I’m counting on you to please fill out your Georgia Gun Owners’ Member Ballot and tell me where to focus the resources that we have.

Of course, when you do so, you’ll notice that I have included another option on your membership ballot — an option that we haven’t talked about yet because it’s just not possible without a major influx of funds.


Please note that if you select this option, I’m hoping that you’ll make a generous donation of $100 or even $250 to make sure that we have the resources we need to fight for all of these bills.

I know that’s a lot. But 2023 is a great opportunity to secure freedoms that are badly needed, while blocking Joe Biden from using our cops to enforce his tyranny.

So if $100 is just too much, won’t you please agree to $50, $25, $17.76, or at least $10?

The General Assembly is convening in just days, I need to hear from you as soon as possible.

Please fill out your Membership Ballot right away and consider your most generous donation today!

For Freedom,With the 2023 legislative session starting in just days, I need to make some very difficult decisions about where to focus our resources and our time this session.  

There are multiple issues facing gun owners this year. But after the expensive 2022 elections, GGO doesn’t have the cash we need to fight for them all at once.

I need to hear from you, right away.

Please fill out your Membership Ballot TODAY!

After you cast your vote, please consider a generous donation to help us fight for you this year!