Gun Grabbers Using Georgia Shooting to Push Gun Control!

The crazed leftists in Atlanta are hoping to use yesterday’s high profile murders to advance their sick gun control agenda in the Capitol, taking a page out of the Obama White House playbook which said, ‘never let a crisis go to waste.’

By now you know all about yesterday’s shootings that left eight people dead yesterday in multiple locations in and around Cherokee County.

The radical left here in Georgia is ALREADY screaming about the need for gun control in the wake of these shootings, and in D.C., Nancy Pelosi hopes to use this shooting to advance H.R. 8!

With their hopes of overturning Georgia’s beloved Stand-Your-Ground law on life support, Bloomberg and his allies are hoping to use these shootings to advance their ‘universal background check’ legislation.

Please sign your petition against S.B. 179 right now, so that every politician in Atlanta knows that GGO members are 100% opposed to this gun control bill!  


The big myth that gun-grabbers from Atlanta to Washington, D.C. love to hype when talking about this legislation is that these background checks will save lives, that they will stop killers.

But yesterday’s shooting proves what Georgia Gun Owners has said for over a decade: registering gun owners via background checks doesn’t do a damn thing to stop violent killers!

You see, moments ago, the news broke that the murderer from yesterday’s shooting bought his gun legally, at a Cherokee County gun store, after first completing a background check!

I’m not surprised at all. Almost every mass shooting in America over the last 10 years or more was carried out by a madman who passed a background check, before killing innocent people.

The gun-grabbers in Atlanta know this, but they don’t care. They want to pass S.B. 179 here in Georgia for the same reason Joe Biden wants to pass H.R. 8 in Congress — to put you into their database!


These crazy socialists are playing the long game, and they know that before they could even hope to enact gun CONFISCATION, they first need to pass mandatory gun REGISTRATION!

That’s all this is about for them.

It has nothing to do with stopping crime, nothing.

But sitting back and hoping that the Republicans shut this bill down on their own, would be a mistake. We’re getting close to the end of the legislative session, and the moderates in Atlanta are very close to killing EVERY pro-gun bill in the chamber, again.

They have blocked Constitutional Carry.

They are refusing to take action on the Second Amendment Preservation Act.


Even the old and tired stooges at Georgia Carry — Speaker Ralston’s whipping boys who carry his water and provide him with political cover in exchange for getting a small bill passed every few years — are seeing their weak bill shelved.

That’s because many of the Republicans in Atlanta are weak. Rather than stand up and FIGHT for gun owners, they are looking to ‘make a deal’ with the radical left that makes them look good on the evening news!

So sign your petition right away, making sure your legislators know exactly where you stand!

Then please consider a donation to help Georgia Gun Owners stand up and fight for you. Standing together, we will shut down the gun control bills in Atlanta and send a message that Republicans better not betray gun owners, or they will answer for it.

 For Georgia,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners 

P.S. The radical left is already trying to use yesterday’s shootings in Georgia as justification for radical gun control. They don’t care about the victims; they just want to use them to advance their leftist ideology!

Yesterday’s shooting was carried out by a murderer who bought his gun legally, after passing a background check, which shows how utterly worthless background checks are at stopping committed killers!

Don’t let the radical left use this to pass mandatory gun registration here in Georgia; sign your petition against it NOW!  

Then donate to Georgia Gun Owners immediately, so that we can hold the line against gun control in the waning weeks of this 2021 session.