Gun Grabbers Pushing Red-Flag Gun Confiscation in Atlanta!

The battle over ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ is getting white hot here in Atlanta, and I am counting on your help to shut this legislation down before it even gets off the ground!

I wish this were a joke, but it’s not.

You see, 2022 was a great year for Georgia Gun Owners at the state level. We passed Constitutional Carry, our members crushed Stacey Abrams in November, and we sent a message to anti-gun RINOs during the primary elections earlier in the year.

But it was a different story in Congress.

While gun owners stopped most of the gun control threat in D.C., Joe Biden was able to sign S. 2938 into law. This gave the DOJ $750,000,000 to use to ‘incentivize’ (read: bribe) the states into passing ‘Red Flag’ laws!

And while we’ve successfully blocked ‘Red Flags’ every time they’ve been filed before, we are facing a new situation.

The fact is, there have always been Republican sell-outs here in Atlanta who would love to pass ‘Red Flag’ laws…they’ve just been too afraid of Georgia Gun Owners to say it publicly.

But if (God forbid) there is a mass shooting this year, and suddenly there is a Department of Justice liaison in the Capitol waving around a check for $20, $30, or even $50,000,000 — the gun-grabbers in Atlanta are going to go for it!

And to be clear, I’m not only talking about the Radical Left when I say that. Dozens of moderate RINOs on the ‘right’ would be willing to stab us in the back for that money, too.  

GGO is working to flood the capitol with pressure BEFORE that happens, and that’s why I hope you’ll sign the petition that we’ve prepared for you right away!


While the NRA and other national organizations are in full support of ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ here at Georgia Gun Owners we will NEVER get behind any version of this legislation.

That’s because ‘Red Flag’ laws:

  • Allow personal enemies like an ex-spouse, bitter coworker, or a vengeful neighbor to phone in a bogus complaint in an attempt to ruin your life, with almost no consequences!
  • Allow a liberal judge to hear this allegation that you ‘might be dangerous’ and order the seizure of your firearms before you’ve been charged or convicted of ANYTHING!
  • Usually allow these hearings to take place in secret. Often, the first time you would know that you’ve been ‘Red Flagged’ is when a SWAT team comes to your home to seize your guns.
  • Create an almost automated renewal process, meaning that in most cases a gun owner who is disarmed through these laws will NEVER get their firearms back!

As you can see, ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ obliterate the cherished legal doctrine that American citizens are innocent until proven guilty in court.

More than that, this legislation gives the Left what they’ve always wanted: the ability to weaponize the court against gun owners and confiscate our firearms while crushing the 2nd, 4th, 5th, and 6th Amendments! 

And honestly, this is just the beginning.

If ANY form of ‘Red Flag’ laws were to become law here in Atlanta, the gun-grabbers would immediately work to expand it.

That’s why it’s vital you sign your petition to your state Representative and Senator, telling them to VOTE NO!


In Washington State, for example, where Red Flags was enacted in 2019, it was billed as a ‘harmless’ bill that would only impact dangerous people bent on mass murder.

But just last year, Governor Inslee signed legislation that would expand ‘Red Flags’ by allowing minor age children to be ‘Red Flagged’ after a playground fight.

And once your child is ‘Red Flagged,’ this new law allows the government to come into your home and seize your guns, since your child lives in your home!

That’s why it’s vital that GGO Nation can crush this legislation now, before it gains a foothold that the Radical Left and backstabbing RINOs can use to expand it even further. 

Again, in a ‘normal’ situation, I think that we could count on the GOP (even the hard-core moderates) to vote against ‘Red Flags’ out of political self-interest…

…but these are not ‘normal’ times.

A check from the Department of InJustice to the State of Georgia for tens of millions of dollars — especially in the wake of a high-profile mass shooting — would have the GOP lining up to betray gun owners!

And that’s Joe Biden’s goal.

So please IMMEDIATELY sign your petition telling your State Senator and State Representative to VOTE NO on any form of ‘Red Flag’ laws that come up this session.


And when you do, please consider including a donation.

We are quickly laying out a program to identify and mobilize 50,000 additional gun owners to join ‘GGO Nation’ into flooding the Capitol with opposition to this bill!  

Our plan consists of a combination of:

  • Hard-hitting digital and social media ads that we’ll boost across the state, ensuring that every gun owner in Georgia is aware of the danger of ‘Red Flag’ laws and takes action!

These ads are extremely cost efficient, allowing us to activate tens of thousands of gun owners fast.

  • Utilizing our massive email and direct mail programs to mobilize GGO members and other gun owners!  

Our notorious direct mail programs will ensure that tens of thousands of petitions are landing in the State Capitol, with the added benefit that ‘Big Tech’ can’t censor them.

  • An unrivaled text-based mobilization program that will allow us to get this alert right onto gun owners’ cell phones and allow them to communicate directly with their lawmakers.

GGO’s texting program is lethally effective, and helped us ‘win the war’ for Constitutional Carry last year.

In addition to this, GGO’s ground game is well underway in Atlanta. Our team has already had dozens of legislative meetings about this bill. But I need your help to implement the other pieces of the program.

GGO’s Aaron Dorr (Left) and State Senator Colton Moore (Right.) Moore is leading the fight to stop ‘Red Flags!’

So when you’ve completed your petition, please also make a donation of $50 or even $75

I know that’s a lot, especially in the new year. But I have no choice but to ask, but we must stop ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ in Georgia!

Your previous support of GGO has led to the passage of last year’s Constitutional Carry law, the defeat of Stacey Abrams, and much more.

But I am counting on your support again. So if $50 is not possible, I hope you’ll make a donation of $35, $25, $17.76 or even just $10.

Things are moving fast here in Atlanta, so please sign your petition IMMEDIATELY and consider donating as soon as possible! 

If GGO doesn’t send a message that our members are 100% against this legislation, it will only encourage our enemies. 

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. With Joe Biden having $750 MILLION DOLLARS to hand out to states that pass ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures,’ you and I are facing a much greater gun control threat than before.

GGO is working to flood the Capitol with 50,000 calls, emails, and petition against this legislation FAST!

Please sign your petitions telling your lawmakers to ‘VOTE NO’ on any form of ‘Red Flag’ laws.


And when you’re do, please consider making a donation of $75, $50, $25, $17.76 — or whatever you can afford — so we can rally more gun owners to this fight using texts, direct mail, mass emails, and more