Things are happening fast here, so I’ll be quick.

The RINOs in leadership have caved and are giving the Radical Left a hearing on gun control tomorrow morning!

I’ve recorded a quick video breaking down this dangerous gun control bill for youYou can watch it here.

As you just heard, HB-161 would make you a criminal for not locking up your firearms virtually 24 hours a day!

And if that means that your loved ones get murdered by a home invader while you’re trying to unlock your firearm in the middle of the night, Representative Michelle Au – the sponsor of this hogwash – and the rest of her colleagues are just fine with that!

But to even give this bill a hearing is insulting to gun owners.

The worst part is, once it’s had a hearing, the Democrats and RINOs can offer this language as an amendment on any other bill this session!

That’s why it’s so important you click the link below and send your PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL to the Public Safety Committee and demand they VOTE NO!


House Speaker Jon Burns, Chuck Efstration, and the Lt. Governor should be busy trying to pass pro-gun legislation like the Second Amendment Preservation Act, not playing pattycake with the hate-America Democrats!

So in addition to sending your emails, call these three right now and tell them to shut down this hearing immediately, and get to work passing SAPA!

>>> Speaker Jon Burns: 404-656-5020

>>> House Majority Leader Chuck Efstration: 404-656-5052

>>> Lt. Gov. Burt Jones: 404-656-5030

And after you’ve sent your email, please send this link to all your friends and family members.

The RINOs in Atlanta need to see that when they try and pass gun control, the GGO Nation is going to come after their political careers and aspirations!

Please act now!

For Freedom,

Alex Dorr
Political Director
Georgia Gun Owners

PS. After you’ve sent your email, please consider chipping in $5 or $10 to help us reach more gun owners across Georgia.

If this bill language passes, we’re sure we’ll have to fight this on the House floor, and that’s going to take everything we’ve got!