GGO’s Candidate Survey Program

With the 2022 legislative session in the books, Georgia Gun Owners has shifted our focus to the upcoming primary and general elections — as these midterms are going to be explosive!

As Georgia’s leading voice for gun owners, GGO will be working overtime to figure out which candidates are pro-gun so that our members and other gun owners across the state have the facts they need to make informed decisions.

We’ll be doing that by meeting with candidates one on one. But we’ve also issued our official Gun Rights Candidate Survey to every legislative, Congressional, and gubernatorial candidate running for office.


The purpose of these surveys is simple: to ask every candidate running for office the tough questions on our gun rights, and to get them on the record, one way or the other.

You see, during an election year everyone running for office claims to be pro-gun. And that goes doubly true during a Republican party primary election!

But, as GGO members know very well, once these candidates are elected and safely in office, they soon forget the bold promises they made to gun owners when they wanted their votes and campaign donations. In other words, talk is cheap.

GGO’s Gun Rights Candidate Survey is designed to separate those candidates who really intend to fight to defend our right to keep and bears arms — and those who just use our freedoms as a cheap campaign talking point.  

Some candidates think that they can avoid the hassle of dealing with gun owners and questions about their loyalty to the Second Amendment by simply not answering our survey.

Bless their hearts. 😊

What these candidates learn the hard way every two years is that by not completing the GGO gun rights survey, they’ve just told gun owners EVERYTHING we need to know about their view on our gun rights!


The best part is that as a member of Georgia Gun Owners, you can help us survey these candidates directly.

In the coming days, Georgia Gun Owners will be releasing our legislative, Congressional, and Gubernatorial candidate surveys to you and giving you the ability to print them off and bring them to candidates at forums and other campaign events.

That way, if a candidate professes support for the Second Amendment but is hiding their views from Georgia Gun Owners, you can confront them on the spot!

Once we have the results of our survey program in hand, GGO will be busy working in targeted districts across the state to expose anti-gun candidates using digital ads and ‘whiteboard videos’ full of hard-hitting facts the candidates can’t escape.

But I’m counting on your support to run this program. After the expensive legislative session that we just wrapped up in Atlanta (culminating with the passage of Constitutional Carry) we need to rebuild our war chest! Please consider a donation below.


Georgia is under attack, and we all know it. The radical left has put a massive target on Georgia and hopes that they can turn us ‘blue’ and then relentlessly attack our gun rights.

So it’s more important than ever that gun owners push to see where legislative candidates stand on our gun rights. Do they support Georgia’s tradition of fighting for the Second Amendment, or do they support Stacey Abram’s gun control plans?

That’s what our survey program is designed to find out.

So stay tuned as we release these survey’s into your hands, and the results of this survey program when they start to come in!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. With the primary elections coming fast, Georgia Gun Owners’ candidate survey program is well underway. Our survey is designed to separate true gun rights champion from the frauds that only use the Second Amendment as cheap campaign rhetoric!

In the very near future GGO will be giving YOU copies of our legislative, Congressional, and gubernatorial surveys so that you can hand them to the candidates when you see them at events.

And when the results of this program are in, GGO will ruthlessly expose anti-gun Republicans and Democrats in advance of the primary and general elections! But we need your help.


But we’re counting on your help to run this program, so please make a generous donation to Georgia Gun Owners today!