GGO NATION: Help Us Kill These 4 Gun Control Bills in ATL!

This is urgent! Please don’t lay this update aside!

We’re a month into the 2024 session here in Atlanta, and I’ve never seen the gun grabbers this fired up. They’ve filed a massive number of gun control bills, AND THEY ARE GAINING GROUND!

And these bills aren’t being locked in a drawer, either.

In fact, after meeting with the Speaker of the House, I’m more concerned than ever before that Republican House leaders intend to move one of these bills this session!

Things are moving fast, and there’s no time to waste.

I am counting on you to sign the petition our team has prepared for you right away, so your Senator and State Representative know exactly where you stand — and what you expect of them.

First, let me explain the caucus dynamics here in Atlanta.

We have a solid conservative caucus made up of pro-gun champions who will always VOTE NO on gun control. Every time. Representative Charlice Byrd is the leader of this group.

Then we have the Democratic caucus. This caucus has become totally radicalized. The days of a ‘blue dog Democrat’ are over. Today’s Democrats in Atlanta want to completely disarm all of us.

That leaves the RINO establishment: a wishy washy, middle of the road Republican caucus. This is the biggest force in Atlanta, and they are convinced that they need to ‘make a deal’ with the Left on gun control to hold suburban seats in November.

If the Democratic caucus and enough of the Establishment caucus unite, we could be facing a total disaster this year!


And let me tell you, we’re not just talking about ‘small’ gun control bills, like a repeal of Constitutional Carry.

This is the most coordinated attack on our Second Amendment freedoms that we’ve ever seen here in Atlanta! While new bills are still being filed, we’re already dealing with:

  • Representative Oliver’s bill (HB-135) which would force gun owners to lock up their guns virtually 24 hours a day or face criminal charges from a Fani Willis style prosecutor.These deadly ‘safe storage’ laws will get innocent Georgians killed. Because while armed predators are breaking into your home at 2:00am, you’ll be trying to get your gun from a safe!
  •  Representative Robert’s bill (HB-584) which would allow liberal judges to order the seizure of your firearms via secret hearings, before you’ve been convicted of a crime!‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ orders shred the idea of ‘innocent until proven guilty’ and allow personal enemies (think ex-spouse) to use the courts to ruin your life.
  • Representative Au’s bill (HB-44) which would criminalize the private sales of firearms in Georgia and build a list of every gun owner in the state through mandated background checks.The Left knows that Universal Background Checks haven’t stopped mass killers. They aren’t pushing this bill to stop crime. It’s all about building a list of gun owners.
  •  Representative Scott’s bill (HB-554) which would make it a crime for a Georgian to buy an AR-15 or similar firearm until they are 21 years of age!To Scott and the cosponsors of this bill, it’s fine for a Georgian to carry a gun for Uncle Sam. But when you’re back home here in Georgia, you lose your right of self-defense.

Each of these bills has been referred to committee. And to be clear, these are just the first four gun control bills in the House — we know that more are coming!


Passage of these bills wouldn’t do ANYTHING to stop violent criminals. It wouldn’t even slow them down. We all know that.

It hasn’t worked in Chicago, St. Louis, New York City or any other city that has enacted radical gun control laws. And it won’t be any different here in Georgia.

But the truth is that these bills were not filed to stop criminals.

The goal of these bills is simple: the Radical Left in Atlanta wants to register (and then confiscate) our guns as part of their ongoing effort to disarm the American people!

We need to fight back and stop this! So please sign the petition that we have prepared for you right away.

Your petition reminds the politicians in Atlanta that GGO members are ruthless and that we will hold them accountable in November if they vote against our gun rights!


After your petition is submitted, you’ll have the chance to donate. If you are able, please make a donation to help us fight!

GGO is preparing a massive mobilization program with the goal of sending 250,000 calls, emails, and petitions opposing these bills into the legislature in the next three weeks!

We’re doing this through a combination of:

  1. Targeted digital ads; which allow us to reach hundreds of thousands of gun owners across the state, giving them the facts about these bills. These ads are very cost efficient, too, as they are easily re-shared by gun owners.
  2. A powerful texting program; text-based alerts are one of the most effective tools at our disposal because they appear right on gun owners’ phones and have an almost 100% viewing rate. And they are very cost effective, too.
  3. The biggest direct mail and email program possible; nothing penetrates Big Tech’s censorship more thoroughly these days than direct mail and email communication.
  4. Radio ads when floor votes are scheduled; nothing reaches mass quantities of gun owners faster than a radio ad blitz. Yes they are expensive, but our ads will hit hard and are worth it, especially in tight districts.

This program is going to be brutally effective and will send a simple message to politicians in vulnerable districts: if you vote for these bills, you can kiss your political careers goodbye!

But I can’t run this program without your help.

So after you sign your petition, I hope that you’ll make a generous donation to help Georgia Gun Owners implement the program I laid out above.

In fact, given how dangerous this situation is, I hope you’ll consider an extremely generous gift of $100 or even $250!

I know that’s a lot, and I know that it’s more than you’ve given to Georgia Gun Owners ever before. But we must have the ammo we need to hold the line — and we need it now.

So if $100 isn’t possible, I hope you will strongly consider $75, $50, $25 or at least $17.76 so we can fight for you in Atlanta.

The amount of your donation is entirely up to you.

Whatever you do, please SIGN YOUR PETITION right away!

Georgia is changing, I think we can all feel it.

Our big cities are dangerous because our liberal prosecutors release violent criminals every day, knowing they’ll reoffend.

And now that they’ve created the problem, the Radical Left wants to rush in with the ‘solution’ which is radical gun control.

Help us hold the line!

For Georgia,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. The 2024 session of the Georgia General Assembly is underway and

the Left is trying to create a statewide gun registry, institute ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures,’ pass deadly safe storage laws and MORE!

Worse, GOP leaders have indicated they intend to ‘make a deal’ on gun control this year, in a vain attempt to get gun control voters to support their candidates in November!

This is terrible policy, and it is even stupider politics.

Make your voice heard, so your State Senator and State Representatives know that you are 100% opposed to these bills!


After you sign your petition, please consider a donation of $100, $75, $50, $25 or at least $17.76 so we can mobilize an army of gun owners into defeating the gun control agenda in Atlanta!