Georgia: These Legislators Have Co-Sponsored SAPA Law!

Thanks to your calls and emails, support for the Second Amendment Preservation Act is growing fast in Atlanta!

Senator Colton Moore is leading the fight for this legislation on behalf of Georgia Gun Owners, but he’s now being joined by the following legislators who have cosponsored the bill:

Senators Carden Summers, Clint Dixon, Greg Dolezal, Jason Anavitarte, Chuck Payne and Blake Tillery!

If your State Senator’s name is listed above, be sure to thank them for standing up against Joe Biden’s war on gun owners — but if you don’t see his/her name, contact them.


SAPA law is simple: it tells Joe Biden that Georgia cops work for Georgia, not the Federal Government. Specifically, it tells Biden that Georgia cops will only enforce Georgia laws when it comes to guns, ammunition, and accessories!

The impact of SAPA is massive.

By denying Biden the free use of Georgia cops, his gun control agenda will simply go unenforced here — just like it’s being unenforced in Missouri after they passed SAPA in 2021.

(The federal government can still enforce federal gun laws, but they simply lack the manpower to do that on their own.)

But SAPA doesn’t just protect gun owners from Joe Biden. It also protects Georgia cops from Joe Biden.

You see, right now Georgia cops only have two options if they are ordered to enforce unconstitutional gun control orders from the White House: violate their oath of office or get fired.

SAPA law protects them, because if they are ordered to enforce federal gun control laws by their police chief, they can simply point to SAPA and shake their head.


And don’t forget, this concept of the states telling the federal government that we’re not going to help you enforce your laws has been upheld in the Supreme Court repeatedly!

Some of those cases include:

— Murphy v NCAA (2018) 
— NFIB v Sebelius (2012)  
— NY State v United States (1997)  
— Prinz v United States (1997)  
— Prigg v Pennsylvania (1842)  

SAPA falls squarely up this precedent. That’s because SAPA law doesn’t limit what laws the feds can enforce here in Georgia. It simply tells them that Georgia cops won’t help them do it if it involves guns, ammo, or accessories.

But before we can enjoy these protections, we need to pass the bill. Please contact your legislators now!


With Biden’s pistol brace ban taking effect at the end of May, passing SAPA isn’t a luxury…we need this now!

So if you don’t see your Senator’s name listed above, hit the link and take action right away. And if your Senator has co-sponsored this legislation, be sure to thank him!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. Almost a dozen senators are supporting SAPA here in Atlanta! If you don’t see your State Senator’s name listed above, you need to contact them and tell them to join the fight.


SAPA law tells Joe Biden that this is our state! We’re not an appendage of the federal government, and our cops are not free labor for the ATF!

While SAPA law can’t stop the feds from enforcing gun control in Georgia, we can deny him the use of our cops! And, effectively, that’s the same thing!

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