Georgia: Fighting for Gun Rights on All Sides!

If you have renewed your membership in Georgia Gun Owners for 2022, ignore the rest of this email as it doesn’t apply to you. If you haven’t renewed, please read on.

Just two days ago, gun grabbers in the United States Senate tried to advance Joe Biden’s legislation (H.R. 8) that would register every gun owner in America through ‘Universal Background Checks.’

At the same time, floor debate has been raging for two weeks in the Senate over H.R. 4350, the National Defense Authorization Act.

This bill funds our military, so it is a ‘must pass’ piece of legislation. That’s why Nancy Pelosi stuck ‘Red Flag Gun Seizures’ deep inside this thousand-plus page bill.

If the Senate passes H.R. 4350 ‘as is’ our men and women in uniform will be attacked through secret court hearings where they will lose their gun rights — and their careers — before they’ve ever been convicted of a crime!

And while Georgia Gun Owners has been working non-stop to give you the information and the tools you need to help us stop gun control in Congress, we’re also gearing up for a fight in Atlanta over Constitutional Carry law.

With Socialist Stacey Abrams now officially in the race, there’s never been a better time to fight to get the Republicans in Atlanta to finish the fight for this legislation.

As you can see, we are fighting for the Second Amendment on all sides and that’s why I wanted to urge you to renew your membership in Georgia Gun Owners for next year!


If you’ve recently renewed your membership by mail or text and our records haven’t updated quickly enough, please ignore this email.

But 2022 is going to bring massive attacks against our right to keep and bear arms as Joe Biden and the America-hating ghouls who control the Congress know that they are going to lose power when ‘We the People’ turn out on election night next year.

That’s why, rather than pull back from the brink of their insane policy positions, Biden and his allies are pushing even harder, determined to pass gun control while they control Congress.

And while we have champions for freedom who are fighting back against Biden’s agenda in Congress every day, we have far more Republicans who are busy stabbing gun owners in the back.

That’s why it’s essential that Georgia Gun Owners has the resources we need to continue flooding Capitol Hill with calls and emails in opposition to EVERY PIECE of Biden’s gun control agenda!

<<< HELP US HOLD THE LINE IN 2022! >>>

But in addition to all of the fights that we’re engaged in here in Atlanta and Washington, D.C., it’s essential that Georgia Gun Owners starts battle planning for the 2022 midterms!

Georgia Gun Owners LOVES exposing the records of the politicians who want to disarm law abiding gun owners. And while we do this during session, it’s vital that we do so during the election season as well.

If we sit the 2022 elections out, the enemies to our gun rights will know that they can attack our freedoms without consequences — as no national organization will hold them accountable.

We simply must have a budget in place to run the hard-hitting radio, TV, and digital ads that I know we’ll need to run as these races come into focus.

This is how we fight back! This is how we STOP gun-grabbers! This is how we save our Second Amendment freedoms!

Many people like to sit back and complain as Joe Biden and the hate-America media outlets across the country take a sledge- hammer to our freedoms. But as a 2021 member of Georgia Gun Owners, you’ve stood shoulder to shoulder with us and defended our gun rights.

Now, I hope you’ll renew your support for 2022!


While there are plenty of national groups putting their hand out hoping to make a quick buck, these organizations have done NOTHING to fight for gun owners here in Georgia.

Everything is on the line in 2022.

Either gun owners will continue to block gun control and defeat Joe Biden’s tyrannical goal of disarming the great American people, or we’ll see crushing blows to our freedom enacted.

Thousands of your fellow Georgians have renewed their support and are actively helping us get ready for the political battles that are coming next year.

Please join us in this fight for freedom — renew your membership NOW!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners 

P.S. GGO is fighting on all sides as we work to stop the federal gun control legislation being pushed by Joe Biden in the Senate, prepare for a major fight over Constitutional Carry in Atlanta, and a map out a strategy to expose gun grabbers next fall!

If you’ve renewed your membership in Georgia Gun Owners for 2022 and are standing with us in this fight for freedom, thank you.

But if you haven’t, please renew your membership immediately!


Thank you, in advance, for your continued support!