Five States This Year – Why Not Georgia?

Utah Governor Spencer Cox signed it. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed it. Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds signed it. Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed it. Montana Governor Greg Gianforte signed it.

This year alone, five Governors have signed Constitutional Carry legislation into law which restored law abiding gun owners’ rights to carry a firearm for self-defense without needing to beg for the government’s permission or add their name to a database!

In total, 21 states have now passed Constitutional Carry law!

 And with 27 Republican Governors in office around the country, it’s clear that the OVERWHELMING MAJORITY of ‘red states’ have made passing Constitutional Carry a top priority — especially this year.

What about here in Georgia?

What has Brian Kemp done to keep his campaign promise and pass Constitutional Carry law since gun owners elected him in 2018? You know the answer: absolutely nothing.

Even while violent crime soars to numbers that we haven’t seen in decades — and even after out-of-control mobs forced Kemp to call out the National Guard to restore law and order last summer — Kemp refuses to lift a finger to urge the legislature to pass this badly needed legislation!

In fact, it was clear all session long, that while a growing number of legislators wanted to pass GGO’s Constitutional Carry legislation, it was being held back by Speaker Ralston and Governor Kemp.

If you agree that it’s high time for Brian Kemp to keep his campaign promise and tell the legislature to put Constitutional Carry law on his desk, please sign YOUR OFFICIAL PETITION telling him that, right now!

Constitutional Carry is a very simple concept.

It simply states that if you are legally allowed to own a firearm, you could legally carry that firearm for self-defense without having to pay a fee for that right — and without having to be tracked, traced, and registered as a sex offender!

Of course, the media and anti-gun lawmakers in Atlanta have been lying about the impact of this bill for years, convincing our timid Governor to let it die year after year.  

No, Constitutional Carry does not mean that criminals can own firearms. Stopping violent criminals from harming our loved ones is why we carry firearms in the first place.

And no, passing Constitutional Carry does not mean that the current ‘Shall Issue’ system would be eliminated. Nothing about the current law would change, except that it would be optional!

Nor would passage of Constitutional Carry lead to a spike in violent crime.

On the contrary, every single state that passed this legislation over the last ten years saw their murder rates decline almost immediately! 

But this fight isn’t about policy, anymore.

Everyone knows the truth about Constitutional Carry and why we need it here in Georgia. That’s settled. The only question left now is whether or not Brian Kemp will keep his campaign promise and FIGHT to make Georgia a Constitutional Carry state.

Kemp’s staff is busy trying to tell Georgia Gun Owners members and supporters that ‘it’s not my fault…the legislature needs to pass it first.’

But that’s a joke.

The reality is that Governors set legislative agendas and then lean on the legislature to make sure that they follow through. Anyone who tells gun owners otherwise is trying to divert the political pressure.    

Take Tennessee Governor Bill Lee as an example. Lee INTRODUCED Constitutional Carry in nearby Tennessee, made it a priority in the legislature, and didn’t let up until the bill was on his desk where he could sign it!  

Brian Kemp can do the same thing. But right now, he is more concerned about what the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and the rest of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA here in Georgia think about him than he is about fighting for the Second Amendment!

That’s why it’s urgent that you sign your petition, calling on Governor Kemp and Speaker David Ralston to take immediate action on Constitutional Carry law in 2022 — if they want the support of gun owners in the fall.

Gun owners in Missouri were able to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act this year because they WENT TO WAR with Republican Senate leaders who were blocking the bill.

Grassroots gun owners in Iowa finally passed Constitutional Carry this year, after a multi-year KNOCK-DOWN, DRAG-OUT FIGHT with the Republican House Majority Leader who had been locking the bill down for several years!

Ohio gun owners FORCED Republican sell-out Governor Mike DeWine to sign Stand-Your-Ground law this year (while he was actively trying to pass Red Flag Gun Seizures) by hammering him with hundreds of thousands of calls, emails, and petitions!

Texas Lt. Governor Dan Patrick, a lifelong enemy to Constitutional Carry, was FORCED TO PLAY BALL this year and advanced the bill through the Senate as it became clear that gun owners would NEVER give him a shot at being Governor if he killed it again.

As gun owners here in ‘red Georgia’ we have a decision to make as we approach the 2022 legislative session and the elections that will follow.

Are we going to sit back and give Brian Kemp and the politicians in Atlanta a pass because they are Republicans? Or are we going to demand that they keep their campaign promises and pass Constitutional Carry like twenty-one other states have done?

To me, the choice is clear.

We need to INCREASE the pressure in Atlanta and remind the politicians that they work for us and that, like any employer, we expect them to do their job — or we’ll find someone who will. 

If you agree, please SIGN YOUR PETITION now! 

After you do, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page and given the option to make a donation to help Georgia Gun Owners continue to stand and fight in Atlanta!

I hope you’ll make a generous contribution of $50 or even $100.

Georgia Gun Owners will be running a massive digital ad campaign in conjunction with an aggressive radio and email program — all augmented by our uncensorable direct mail program — to put MAXIMUM PRESSURE on Governor Kemp and the legislature.

Every dollar you can give will help me crank up the heat when the time comes, forcing the politicians in Atlanta to get serious about Constitutional Carry — so I hope you’ll be generous.

Of course, if $100 is not possible, please consider $50, $25 or at least $10 to help us FIGHT!

Lawmakers here in Georgia love to tell us how pro-gun they are when they are running for office; it’s time to make them prove it!

If you agree, please sign your petition IMMEDIATELY and please consider a generous donation to help us make Georgia the next Constitutional Carry state!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. Five Republican Governors fought for gun owners in their states this year, passing Constitutional Carry law, meaning that gun owners in a stunning twenty-one states can carry a firearm without needing to beg permission or add their name to a government database!   

Meantime, Brian Kemp has refused to lift a finger to fight for gun owners in Georgia, and has worked behind the scenes to block the bill from coming up for a vote for the last two sessions.

Help Georgia Gun Owners CRANK UP THE HEAT in Atlanta for Constitutional Carry by signing your petition demanding that Brian Kemp and the legislature pass this bill next session — or you’ll find lawmakers who will.

After you’ve signed your petition, please consider a donation of $100, $75, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford to help Georgia Gun Owners mobilize an army of gun owners to help us finish the fight for Constitutional Carry in 2022!