DETAILS REVEALED: GGO’s Second Amend Preservation Act!

Since last November, when gun owners flipped the House of Representatives, GGO members have been asking us one question: how can we stop Joe Biden from signing more Executive Orders?

It’s a good question since Biden plans on signing more and more of these gun control edicts in 2023, bypassing Congress entirely.

The bad news: there’s nothing we can do to stop Joe Biden from signing these Executive Orders. That’s his prerogative.

But here’s the good news: we can render Biden’s attack almost useless here in Georgia, bypassing the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA!)

For states that have passed Constitutional Carry like Georgia has, SAPA legislation is the most pressing issue as long as Joe Biden is in the White House.

SAPA takes the wind out of Joe Biden’s gun control agenda by instructing Georgia cops to enforce Georgia laws when it comes to firearms, ammo, and accessories!

But it does a lot more than just that. For all the details on GGO’s SAPA legislation, watch out video report here, or below

As you just heard, SAPA is how we defend gun rights in Georgia!

SAPA is how we send a message to Biden that this is our state!

And passing SAPA here in Georgia will add momentum to all of the other ‘red’ states that are trying to pass it this year!

But passing legislation like this here in Atlanta is never easy as the media, the Democrats, and more than a few RINOs always try to block gun bills behind closed doors.

That’s why — with session beginning tomorrow — we’ve given you three action steps to take to help us push for SAPA:

First, sign your petition in support of this legislation so your State Representative and Senator know exactly where you stand!

Second, share the video above with every gun owner you know. You can forward this email, or the YouTube video itself!

Third, make a donation to help GGO identify and mobilize tens of thousands of other gun owners to join in this fight!

GGO members are the reason why Georgia is a Constitutional Carry state. GGO members are the reason why Stacey Abrams is still unemployed. GGO members are relentless, and we’re counting on that now!

Session begins tomorrow! GGO’s team will be on the ground! Get ready!

 If you haven’t renewed your membership in Georgia Gun Owners for 2023, please get signed up today!