BREAKING…FAKE SAPA to be Filed in Atlanta!

This is urgent.

GGO has uncovered an attempt by RINOs in the Georgia House to file a FAKE SAPA bill as early as tonight! In fact, we’re told FAKE SAPA could be heard in committee yet this week!

Make no mistake, FAKE SAPA would do nothing to protect your gun rights here in Georgia. But it would be fantastic at protecting the careers of politicians here in Atlanta!  

The easiest way for us to break down the difference between FAKE SAPA and REAL SAPA (S.B. 67/H.B. 293) is to have you watch the live report we produced earlier today.

Please watch this urgent video update!

As you just heard, by gutting the enforcement mechanism out of SAPA law, these RINOs are deliberately creating a law that won’t do anything to protect gun owners from Joe Biden!


And with Biden’s ban on pistol braces only 100 days away from taking effect here in Georgia, this attempt to subvert SAPA is enraging.

So please send the PRE-WRITTEN EMAIL that we’ve prepared for you, so your State Senator and State Representative know that you’re opposed to any attempt to gut SAPA law.

And make sure you forward this email to every gun owner you know, while sharing this video report on your social media platforms.

Rest assured, the moment GGO gets more details on this situation, we’ll bring them to you!  



For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners