BREAKING: State Gun Registration Bill Filed in Atlanta!

With Joe Biden in the White House, radical gun grabbers in Washington, D.C. and right here in Atlanta are determined to take a sledge-hammer to our freedoms.

And while these socialists want to pass dozens of gun control bills, enacting a statewide list of gun owners is at the very top of their list.

That’s why freshman State Senator Michelle Au just filed a ‘Universal Firearms Registration’ bill in Atlanta (S.B. 179) — legislation that would force gun owners into a statewide gun registry or leave you facing felony charges!

 S.B. 179 accomplishes this by requiring a federal NICS check  before you can sell or transfer any firearm.

OPPOSE S.B. 179!

These background checks sound harmless, right?

They are anything but.

Universal Background Check legislation is incredibly dangerous and has just one purpose: to track, trace, and register every single gun owner in Georgia and facilitate the gun-grabbers ultimate goal of gun confiscation!

Think about what this bill would do.

Swapping firearms with a lifelong friend (something that many gun owners do over the course of their lives) without first obtaining government permission — would be a FELONY according to S.B. 179!

Selling a gun to ANY member of your family, ever, at any time, without first obtaining government permission — would be a FELONY according to S.B. 179!


Senator Au and leftist media outlets here in Georgia want to browbeat gun owners into accepting this legislation without a fight, under the guise of stopping violent crime.

But that’s ridiculous.

The truth is that background checks haven’t stopped a single mass shooting over the last ten years. In fact, almost every single mass shooting in recent memory was carried out by a criminal who first passed a background check!

And no future criminal would be stopped from committing a crime should this legislation pass into law, either, as they would simply steal their firearms or get them from other criminals.

Senator Au knows this of course — she just doesn’t care. This is strictly about building a massive statewide database of every gun owner in Georgia!

But it’s even deeper than that.

Crazed leftists like Michelle Au hate the Second Amendment and the hundreds of thousands of gun owners across Georgia who stand up to defend it. She knows that we stand between her and her goal of turning Georgia into a socialist state!


But while Michelle Au is the lead sponsor of this bill, he’s being backed up by a large number of the Democratic caucus members like Senators’ Orrock, Davenport, Jackson (K), Harrell, Rahman, Merritt, Halpern, Butler, Jackson (L), and Lucas.  

Make your voice heard! Sign your petition today so that the politicians in Atlanta know where you stand. 

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These days, party labels don’t count for anything.

And to be very blunt, with a handful of exceptions like Rep. Phillip Singleton and a few others, I don’t trust most Republican politicians any more than I trust Democratic politicians where our gun rights are concerned.

So after you’ve sent your email, please make an immediate donation of $100, $75, $50, $25 or whatever you can afford so that we can mobilize as many gun owners as possible!

Radical socialists like Senator Au and her group of radical socialists are counting on gun owners sitting back and assuming that nothing bad will happen.

These days, that’s a luxury we don’t have.

Please take action NOW!

 For Georgia,


Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners 

P.S. Fired up with Joe Biden in the White House, radicalized gun grabbers in Atlanta have just filed S.B. 179, which would hit you with fines and jail time for buying or selling a firearm unless you first get permission from the government!

Read the email above for more information about Senator Michelle Au’s attack on your gun rights, then sign your petition against this bill immediately! 

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