Breaking: Massive Gun Control Push Underway in Atlanta!

Things have taken a radical turn here in Atlanta.

House and Senate leaders have taken deliberate steps to lock the Second Amendment Preservation Act (SAPA) down in committee, doing all they can to suffocate the bill’s momentum.

Instead, the House Majority Leader is trying to file a FAKE SAPA bill which wouldn’t protect gun owners, but would give politicians plenty of cover for future primary elections.

But it gets a lot worse than that.

Seeing Republican ‘leaders’ in the House and Senate wilt under the pressure the media is bringing to bear on SAPA, the Radical Left is unleashing a torrent of gun control bills! 

I’ve never seen this many gun control bills filed in the Georgia General Assembly at one time.

The strategy here is simple: file dozens of bills and try to browbeat the Republicans to pass one of them for adjournment later this month.

And unless gun owners push back with everything they’ve got, the gun-grabbers in Atlanta may get their way!

That’s why I hope you’ll immediately sign the petition that I’ve prepared for you, calling on your State Senator and State Representative to OPPOSE ALL GUN CONTROL IN GEORGIA!


Please don’t delay.

You see, the RINOs that run the legislature are convinced that the Democrats are going to take control the House here in Atlanta in 2024 (or 2026 at the latest.)

So rather than fight like hell to secure as much freedom as possible for gun owners, these weak Republicans are trying to find ways to appease the Left by killing SAPA — and maybe by voting for gun control ‘lite!’

They think that if they act like Democrats, somehow, they’ll hang on to power during the General Elections.

It’s absurd.

And in this vacuum, Bloomberg’s hand-picked allies in the legislature are growing bolder by the day. Just a handful of the bills they’ve filed in the last week include:

  • House Bill 135 by Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver. Oliver’s bill would make you a criminal if an actual criminal broke into your home, stole your firearm, and then used it in a crime!This isn’t a typo. Oliver and the House members who have cosponsored this want to punish gun owners, just for being gun owners! The bill is already in Public Safety Committee.
  • Senate Bill 75 by Senator Elena Parent. Parent’s bill would force you to lock up your firearms 24/7! The only exception would be for target shooting, hunting, or maintenance.So if a group of armed thugs tries to break into your home at 2:00am you would be forced to get your gun out of a safe, find your ammo, and fight back in the pitch black.
  • House Bill 44 by Rep. Michelle Au. Au’s bill is Michael Bloomberg’s Universal Background Check legislation, and would make you a felon for buying a gun privately.The goal of this legislation is to build a massive database of every gun owner and firearms transaction in Georgia, and we all know why they want that list!

And this is just the beginning. There have been at least 8 other gun control bills filed in the last few days.


But honestly, the bills above aren’t the biggest threats.

No, the main threat facing gun owners is HB-584, Rep. Shea Roberts’ newly filed ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ legislation, which would allow gun owners to be disarmed before you’ve been charged, indicted, or convicted of anything!

 What makes ‘Red Flag’ legislation so dangerous is that a growing number of Republicans here in Georgia and across the country are in full support of them!  

The reason is simple: ‘free money’ from Joe Biden. 

Remember when Joe Biden passed S. 2938 last year — with help from dozens of RINOs in Congress — it gave the DOJ a jaw dropping $750,000,000 to use to bribe states into passing ‘Red Flag Gun Seizure’ laws.

That means that if Georgia were to adopt HB-584, the state would receive a check from the DOJ for tens of millions of dollars, something Georgia politicians won’t turn down.

The damage that a fully ratified ‘Red Flag’ law would do to our gun rights here in Georgia is almost incalculable. At a minimum it would:

  • Obliterate our due process rights by allowing a liberal judge to order the confiscation of your firearms before you have been arrested, charged, or convicted of anything!A Georgian with no criminal background whatsoever could have his firearms confiscated before he ever sets foot in a courtroom. You would have more rights in traffic court!
  • Allow the hearings that determine whether or not a judge confiscates your firearms to occur in secret, meaning you wouldn’t even know about it until the cops are at your door. 

    Because these sham hearings are held in secret you will have no ability to question your accuser, testify in your own defense, hire a lawyer, or provide counter evidence!

  • Create a bizarre list of ‘evidence’ that could be used against you in a ‘red flag’ hearing. In many cases, the recent purchase of a firearm or ammunition could be used to make the case that you are ‘dangerous’!Imagine how twisted you must be to write a bill that allows the exercise of your Second Amendment rights to be used as ‘evidence’ against you in a hearing to confiscate your firearms? But that’s exactly what this bill does.

The idea of allowing someone to lose their gun rights based on a mere accusation, before a criminal conviction, is evil. But married up with today’s era of ‘cancel culture’ tactics and the weaponization of the court against gun owners, it’s terrifying!  

So please sign your petition against HB-584 right away, so your legislators in Atlanta know where you stand.


After you sign your petition, you’ll be given the opportunity to donate, so GGO can continue fighting for you in Atlanta.

So if you can afford a donation of $75, $100, or even more, please be generous.

GGO is spending a considerable amount of money fighting for SAPA and mobilizing gun owners to that fight…we didn’t have this fight on our radar.

But it’s coming, fast.

Now we are scrambling to prepare a statewide texting program, beefing up the size of our email and direct mail operation, and gearing up for digital ads in targeted districts.

This program will be geared to put maximum pressure on the 17 Republicans who we think are most likely to betray gun owners. But to fully run this program, I need your help!

So if you can’t afford $75 or more, please make an immediate donation of $50, $25, or at least $17.76 today!

Georgia is at a crossroads.

We can all feel it.

Either gun owners will hold fast, punish the politicians who want to betray us, and right the ship…or our state will turn very blue.

Fight back! Please sign your petition and include a generous donation to help GGO hold the line in Atlanta!

For Freedom,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. Emboldened by RINO-Republicans who are refusing to advance SAPA legislation, the Radical Left has unleashed here in Atlanta, filing ‘Red Flag’ laws and a dozen other bills!

Worse, with tens of millions of dollars being waved in their faces by Joe Biden and the DOJ, insiders report that a growing number of Republicans are supporting ‘Red Flags.’

HB-584 would let a judge disarm you before you’ve been convicted of anything, destroying your ‘due process’ rights.

Please sign your petition demanding that your State Senator and State Representative oppose ‘Red Flags’ and the rest of the gun control agenda in Atlanta!  


And please make a donation of $100, $50, $25, or at least $17.76 to help us fight!