Attn Brian Kemp: Gun Owners Aren’t Going to Take This!

Two days ago, the Texas House of Representatives passed Constitutional Carry legislation and sent the bill over to the Senate where it’s expected to see quick action.

If Texas Governor Abbott signs Constitutional Carry into law, that will make FIVE STATES in one year to enact this crucial legislation — Tennessee, Iowa, Montana, and Utah being the other four.

Despite this, Governor Brian Kemp and the moderates in the legislature have been working behind the scenes to kill Constitutional Carry legislation again this session!

Watch our video report on the fight for Constitutional Carry here in Georgia.


After watching our video report, I hope you’ll help GGO keep fighting to make Constitutional Carry law a reality while we have the votes to do it! Help us do that by:

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The clock is ticking on Georgia, and we all know it. 2022 may be the last chance we’ll have for a very long time to make Georgia a Constitutional Carry state!

Take action today!

For Georgia,

Aaron Dorr
Executive Director
Georgia Gun Owners

P.S. Republican Governors all over the nation have been signing Constitutional Carry into law in response to Joe Biden’s war against our freedoms. Brian Kemp…has done nothing!

See our video report on Constitutional Carry here. 

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