ALERT: Massive Push for Gun Control in Atlanta

“You’re charged with the crime of not properly securing your firearm inside your home or car and thereby allowing it to be stolen by a burglar who used it in a crime. How do you plead?”

Think that sounds ludicrous? 

It could quite easily be a reality here in Georgia if we don’t act fast!

The Radical Left in Atlanta has concocted a new plan to destroy the Second Amendment by punishing law-abiding Georgians. And I have to warn you, their plan is gaining traction here in Atlanta.

Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver, a radical, anti-gun Socialist has introduced HB-135, a bill that makes YOU the responsible party if someone breaks into your home or car and steals your gun and then uses it in a crime.

This legislation is disguised as “safe” and “responsible,” but it’s anything but. It punishes law-abiding Georgians for being the victim of crimes themselves!

But here’s the most dangerous part.   

We’re already hearing of Republicans in suburban districts talking about voting for this if given the chance!

This is EXACTLY the type of legislation that we would expect to see weak-kneed Republicans get behind as a token compromise vote!


Make no mistake, Mary Margaret Oliver couldn’t care less about “safety.” This is all part of the Radical Left’s plan.

They are constantly pushing the envelope, entering bill after bill after bill, counting on their overt gun control legislation to be ignored in exchange for just passing their ‘little compromise’ bills.

It’s not a stupid tactic.

That’s exactly what Joe Biden did last year when he and Nancy Pelosi passed their mega gun control bill through the House and Senate WITH REPUBLICAN SUPPORT.

They entered massive gun control that they knew the Republicans weren’t likely to support, and then offered something “common sense” that saw 10 Republican Senators and 15 Republican Congressmen help pass.

It’s worked for the Left before, and it’s very likely to work again!

That’s why it’s so important that you IMMEDIATELY sign your petition against HB-135!

Right now, news stations in Georgia are running nightly stories about HB-135, and how “common sense” and “appealing to all sides” this legislation is, trying to ramp up public support.

Their argument is that after passing Constitutional Carry last year, the Left is owed a gun-control bill this year!

Fake News.

Everyone in the GGO Nation knows that Constitutional Carry was 10 years overdue and took one hell of a fight to pass! And now that we have one right finally restored, we’ll be damned to give up a different one in exchange!

Help us counter the Radical Left’s attack!

Sign your petition to your state Senator and Representative, demanding they oppose and vote no at every opportunity on this bill.


It took the GGO Nation to pass Constitutional Carry, and now it’s going to require you again to crush this gun control!

And after you’re done, I hope you’ll chip in $5, $10, or even $25 so we can reach every gun owner in Georgia about this fight.

These last 12 months have been the most expensive ever for Georgia Gun Owners.

  • First it was the fight to pass Constitutional Carry.
  • Then we had to expose gun grabbers and RINOs in the primaries.
  • After that came the fight to crush Stacey Abram’s agenda in General election.
  • And now we’re fighting to pass the Second Amendment Preservation Act before Joe Biden makes us all felons!

We’re tight on funds to fight back against an all-out war on our gun rights here in Georgia, and so I have to ask you again to consider making an emergency donation!

As this fight progresses, we expect to run a full alert program across the state with social media ads, direct mail, radio ads, and our all too famous texting program.

So please, consider a generous donation right away!

For Freedom,

Alex Dorr
Political Director
Georgia Gun Owners

PS. The Radical Left has entered a bill in Atlanta that would allow a liberal prosecutor to bring YOU up on charges if someone broke into your home and stole your gun to use in a crime!

Even more terrifying than that, we’re starting to hear of it gaining support from certain Republicans!

Sign your petition now! Tell your representatives in Atlanta that you expect them to OPPOSE this gun control at every step!


When you’re finished, please consider making an emergency donation so we can reach more gun owners like you across Georgia!